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We are currently in Round 17, which is scheduled to end 2/17/15.
Round 16 finished 10.14.12
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Round 16- ROS

Welcome to Round 16.
Years: 2003-2004
I can't wait to start this round. Here are the ROS 1 per every 5 households. I currently have 54 households.

1. Bonus from job. Rolled and it came out to $7,000,
2. Go on second honeymoon.
3. Tornado Destroys house.- rolled moved to new house
4. Win medium prize- Rolled $5000
5. Start slacking at work. Call off 3 days.
6. Tornado destroys house. rolled- Leave house for 1 round and return to unfurnished house.
7. Shot Gun Wedding- this one shocked me!!
8. Make over spree spend $6000
9. Reassessment of property you owe $1500 more taxes
10. Blind date or date rampage. Choose highest ltr or spouse.
11. Win small prize $600.

Whats new this round?
1. I am bringing back one Dominguez extra that I totally forgot about. I will play sims that have been divorced from my existing core sim families. Example: Melody and Joshua if they do finalize their divorce then he will be a playable and get their own update, family etc. they have to be married to the core sim or have a child with the a core sim.
I am bringing back Hayden Stompel who was married to Suki Dominguez. I have not played him in forever! I totally forgot about him until I started looking at my old posts.
2. House insurance- if a sim wants to protect their house it will be $1000 a year which is $2000 per round. They must have it in the bank. No loan permitted for this.
3. Rent/mortgage- As I mentioned before I have been slacking on this part. Rent will be charged each playing session. As far as mortgage well they owe the loan which gains 5% interest each playing session. It tends to add up quickly (thus Africa Dominguez is really suffering)
4. School playing session- I can't stand playing school but I realize that my sims are going to college with little or no skills at all! So I am going to play them in a school setting (no pics) and let them gain a skill. This will add on to the skills they roll to build at home. Lets see how this plays out.
As always thanks for reading!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Round 15- Summary --Finally done.

ROS for this round:
45 House holds (1 ros per every 5 households)
1. Go on trip with spouse, partner or lover. whichever your sim has. Oscar Simon Barillas
2. Start a 4 plot garden Aaron Barillas
3. Start your own business Audrina Barillas
4. Reassessment of property. You must pay fee $1,100 Linda Shin (sim extra)
5. Shot gun wedding Isabel Barillas
6. Start slacking. Call off of work 2 days Lauren Barillas
7. Go on Second honeymoon. Shaila Barillas
8. Start your own business (yes I rolled this one twice!) Rodrigo Barillas
9. Meet someone new by going to lot and dating the first person that says hi to you NO matter what sex they are. Julio Barillas

Isabel and Veronica Wade proud parents of : Desiree and Eunice Wade
Deaths: None.
Frances Worthington III to Cecilia Dorman
Aiden Royce to Sierra Bendett
Oscar Joshua III Barillas to Ava White

Frances Worthington III to Cecilia Dorman
Arthur Barillas to Anthony Welsh

Melody Sophia Barillas separated from Joshua Ruben
Madeline Leopardi broke her engagement to William Webster
August Barillas separated from his wife Elizabeth Ng-Barillas

None yet....

Break ups (as far as in relationships)
Brianna Chalmers broke up with Orlando W.
Julio Barillas broke up with Anthony Hiatt
Frances Worthington III with Sam.

New Residents:
The Brown Family:
Transplants from New York City. The Browns left a successful Wedding planning business in order to expand their franchise. They decided to move to Colorado Springs in order to conquer fresh territory. Parker Brown on the left is the business manager of it all. She takes care of bridezillas as well as all the finances. Her brother Delaney Brown is a lawyer who has also chosen to come to Colorado Springs to start a new legal office on his own. He also moved to support his wife's new business along side his sister. Parker managed to convince her partners and life long friends to also move to Colorado Springs. Upon scoping out locations in Colorado Springs her car broke down. Her brother Delaney recommended his old college buddy Malcolm Kavanaugh to fix the car. This was an added bonus for Parker since she is now engaged to Malcolm.
Laurel moved to support her best friend, husband and business partners. She specializes in creating beautiful cakes for stellar ceremonies. She married her childhood crush Delaney Brown. After having a crush on him for many years, he finally noticed a grown Laurel and fell in love. They were married in a lavish ceremony in New York before relocating.

Malcolm Kavanaugh-
Malcolm has lived in Colorado Springs all his life. He went to college with Delaney Brown to NYU (New York State University) but choose to return home after his sophomore year to run his father's auto repair shop. He has taken serious loans to revamp his father's auto shop. He has been running it successfully and has had little time to date. Little did he know that destiny would bring Parker Brown into his life. At first glance she looks stuck up and all about the money. In truth she is the sweetest woman he has ever met besides his own mother. They dated and before long he asked Delaney's permission to marry her. Now he is rebuilding the residential side of his business to accommodate his bride to be.
The MacGuires-
MacKenzie Elliot-Maguire was a famed photographer in New York. She also worked wedding photography with her business partners and best friends. She met Carter while their wedding firm was planning his cousin's wedding. It was not a great first introduction but she felt sparks fly for the university professor. Moving to Colorado Springs allowed her husband Carter Maguire the leeway to teach fresh minds.

The Cooke Family-
Emma Grant-Cooke is the last to move to Colorado Springs and completes the Quad that runs the wedding planning company. She specializes in flower design for weddings and other occasions. Before moving to Colorado Springs she married her fiancee Jack Cooke. Jack is best friends with Delaney Brown from Law school. Now he also can count on his new friends Carter and Malcolm. While its tough to start out a new Law office he is willing to do so for his friends who are now his family.

The Shalo family-
Deeba Shalo is a new resident to Viramontes City. She arrived from India with her sister Lakshmi Behal and her new husband Raj Behal. She came knowing that she would register for college and pursue her career. Problem is that she is not sure what career she would like to pursue. It was special that her parents allowed her to come since it is customary that only wedded wives are allowed to leave their small town with their new husbands. Part of her leaving was severing all ties with her parents as their custom requires. She sacrificed this for a new life alongside her sister and to experience what this city has in store for her.

Author's note~~~~
  • Finally done with Round 15. I can not believe that this round took forever? I was looking at the dates on my blog dashboard and was shocked. I started round 15 on 1.19.11 and barely finishing it now?? I can only hope that Round 16 goes much smoother than now.
  • I am debating how to play the kids/teens. I really want them to get some form of skilling done. The poor things don't even socialize...yet its mostly the Barillas clan that dominate my game. Any suggestions?
  • Non-Playables....I have been contemplating doing this but I always end up feeling bad that they have no history. I guess I can create a new data base..then what? Do I age them and kill them off as the timeline permits?
  • Schools--I just noticed that I messed up severly in the school roster post. I guess due to the 2 year span of each round, their pictures would be taken every two years. I am going to create a centralized school that will allow skilling.
  • Rent - for the next round I will be forcing my sims to pay rent/Mortgage. I noticed that these people have been living rent free for several rounds. I tend to play the lot but not on days when rent is due.. They pay bills but no rent. I play for 2 days maybe 3 so I think I am going to find the rent amount and just charge that every game session. Any suggestions here will be appreciated.
  • OF course I follow Lakeside Heights and credit to them for time span ideas and schooling thoughts.
Thanks for reading. I feel honored that you give me some of your time to read this blog. Thanks again! Comments appreciated. Now on to Round 16!

Round 15.......School Days.

Here are this rounds school pics. I wish I could be like other bloggers that actually play school...I just cant. Maybe next round?? For now all cities go to the same school.
L to R
Back row: Germelo Leopardi, Anai Leopardi,Anne Dominguez,
Front row: Ellen Dominguez, Mayra Dominguez, Ryan Dominguez.
Back row Lto R: Paul Dominguez, Samuel Dominguez, Cristina Leopardi, Hugo Leopardi, Lewis Leopardi, Othaniel Leopardi, Venizio Dominguez,
Front row l to r: Giovanni Barillas, Lorenzo Barillas, Albieri Santander, Tracy Santander, Lucas Santander, Manuela Santander

Left to right: Samira Chalmers, Amin Dominguez, Caleb Dominguez, Kenya Dominguez, Sahara Dominguez.
Lto R: Clive Shin, Xochil Shin, Nianna Worthington, Jonah Barillas, Nazira Barillas, Octavio Barillas, Yameli Barillas, Carmela Moore
L to R: Jah-Khan Dominguez, Donatella Bruenig, Annatella Bruenig
Lto r: Jewel Barillas, Julian Barillas, Carmen Barillas and Esteban Barillas
Lto r: Sayra Barillas, Jada Barillas, Kameko Barillas, Hitoshi Dominguez, Kanji Dominguez, Ben Worthington, Estelle Worthington.
Lto R: Isaiah Chalmers, Madison Bruenig, Candice Barillas, Cameron Barillas, Salma Wilkie, Harold Wilkie.
L to R: Austin Victor III Dominguez, Angel Leopardi, Francisco Leopardi, Nevada Leopardi, Sergio Leopardi, Taylor Chalmers, Julieta Barillas, Ramon Barillas, Raquel Barillas.
L to R: David Barillas, Eugenio Barillas, Pearla Barillas, Mateo Barillas, Kayla Royce, Sebastian Barillas, Demetrius Barillas, Minor Barillas, Sara Barillas, Phillip Leopardi, Stewart Leopardi.
L to R: Darcy Barillas, Gerard Awon Jr., Juliann Awon
L to R: Sasha Dominguez, Nicolas Dominguez.

** I really would love to play them in a high school setting but I just have not gotten around to designing a school. Then I would have to have non playables...I have created some but I feel bad not giving them background stories. I may play the "kids" next round in a school setting.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

*NEW* The Cooke Family - Ch 1 New York transplants complete the set.

Emma Grant-Cooke (24) her husband Jack (27)
Narrated by Emma.
Our house was finally complete. Moving here from New York took a lot! I guess it will all pay off in the future. For now I am just happy that a lot of my plants got transported right on time. Jack just loves that our house is four floors. I honestly think its too much space for us.
All I wanted was the little addition of my business. My friends Parker, Laurel and MacKenzie had all been settled in already. Meanwhile Jack and I stayed in New York to make sure everything was taken care of.
I loved my new cozy flower shop. It was the only one in Colorado Springs of its kind. I know that soon I will need some assistants to come to help. For now I am just happy doing things on my own.
Before long Laurel was there to see me. I had not seen her since her wedding to our good friend Delaney. We all grew up together but never imagined that our businesses would actually succeed under one name.
Parker was inspecting the flowers and making sure the builders did an appropriate job. Parker is the president of our business and we would not have it any other way. She keeps us in check and keeps the check depositing into our account.
Parker went to inspect the other parts of the house when Laurel noticed my new wedding band. She would be the one to notice. I couldnt lie to my best friend so I told her the truth. Jack and I decided on a small civil ceremony in New York. Delaney was our witness and she was so upset. She had a feeling Delaney was not going back on business.
In the end, she was happy for us. She was just sad that she was not there. I didnt want a big wedding. Besides Parker is going to marry soon and she and Laurel can have the big weddings.
MacKenzie hugged me and congradualted me as well. She too was upset that she was not allowed to take my pictures. I have agreed to have Jack and I do a session with her soon.
I managed to get everyone in and settled into our new home. Carter was amazed at all the floor space and didn't fail to mention the waste of floor space that remained unused. Those were my thoughts exactly. Jack likes everything big so the size of his dream home did not shock me.
We sat down and discussed business. It seemed that business was picking up a little. MacKenzie had several photo sessions scheduled. Now that I was here there would be no need to overnight flowers to her. She can come and hand pick them herself.
Jack and I looked at our dinner table and realized that we were the luckiest people on earth. We were surrounded by our best friends and business partners. We in fact were surrounded by pure love.
Later that night we went into our new bedroom and laid down on our new bed. We were both tired of the trip. We rehashed the days events and of course Jake would notice that I said we were married but did not reveal I was pregnant too. I guess I wanted to keep that to ourselves for a little bit longer.
I started working at my shop and customers were coming in like crazy. Who knew that this place was that in need of a flower shop? I think that many people came to look at my garden more than to actually buy something.
One customer was shocked when I told him that I also sold the outdoor plants. If it were up to me I would have everyone's garden like mine. I loved my job and I knew that Jake, I and our future baby would make this a great home for us!

Gerard Awon Ch 2 No is a powerful word.

Gerard Sr. (42) his wife Emmy (37)
Their children: Twins: Gerard Jr and Juliann (15)
Narrated by Emmy
Previous update/ Next update
I can finally say that I feel comfortable living here in Viramontes. I thought it would be bad for Gerard to be here with the family of his former love of his life. Now we all get along with Adrienne's family the Barillas clan. I am just happy to have Gerard at home with me on his days off.
The kids are growing up so fast. They are starting to have friends. I guess I never really noticed that the Barillas family is huge here. It seems that all their friends have the Barillas last name. Gerard jr. surprised us with asking if he could take on a part-time job. I was shocked because he never lead on to wanting a job. Gerard Sr. Said he would think about it.
Later when we were turning in, Gerard asked if I could believe that Junior wanted to get a job. I thought it was a great idea. Apparently Gerard wanted Junior to only focus on school. Besides Juliann didn't want a job so there was no need for Junior to get one.
In the morning we like to cuddle and go through our plans for the day/ week. I wanted to get another get together with the doctor's wives. It was nice having them over. I havent seen Mrs. Behal since her son was born. Gerard thought it was a great idea.
Once everyone leaves I can get to cleaning the house. Being a stay at home mom allows me the time to get these chores done.
I went into Junior's room and it was a mess. I wonder how a person with such a messy room could even phantom having a job. Maybe Gerard was right to want him to focus only on school.
I have been wanting to start my garden and finally managed to get the boys to help me. I told them where and what plants I wanted planted here. While they finished up I went in to fix dinner.
I over heard Junior asking Gerard, "so if this is mom's garden...remind me why we are doing all the work?"
"Because mom said so now keep planting so we can be done in time"
Juliann is a little quiet lately. I wonder if she likes someone at school or she is just that worried about her grades. I started noticing that she does her homework nonstop from the moment she gets home.
Soon I realized that it was for her to monopolized the phone.
Gerard came in and just stared at Juliann. I thought he was going to say something but he just stared at her. She is daddy's little girl.
At dinner Gerard reminded Juliann not to tie up the phone line. Junior kept pestering about his job. I could tell that Gerard was getting a little tense. Juliann kept arguing that she had rights to use the phone.
Junior was in shock of hearing NO to his job request. He was beginning to argue his points to Gerard.
I tried to interceed and tell everyone that this was not dinnertime conversation.
Then it was too late. Gerard slammed his fork down and said, "I said NO. NO to you tying up the phone line and NO to your job request Junior. I will not sit here and be questioned about my decisions. I want both of you to focus on school. End of discussion. Now eat"
We all ate in silence but I have the feeling this is not the last time I hear these arguments..after all we are living with teenagers.

The Rogers Family- Ch 2 Good times.

Murillo(29) his wife Duda (25)
Previous update/Next update
Narrated by Duda

Murillo went out and got us a cat. We decided to name him Barry. He says it will help us both to relax. I just hope he helps me get pregnant.
He's a cute cat. We decided to have his bed in our room too. For now he has not scratched anything up. Lets hope it stays that way.
We have decided to see a doctor to find out whats going on with me. I am nervous because I have not seen anyone here in Viramontes. Apparently I am going to see this new Doctor named Dr. Behal. Lets see if he can tell me what is keeping me from being a mom.
Murillo told me not to worry so much because everything will be fine. I really hope so because we have been married four years and no kids.
The hospital is nice. I hear that its new. I just hope I don't get lost in this big place.
I met him and he drew some tests. He had me wait a little bit and then was ready to give me my results. I thought he would be older than he looks. If he can get me pregnant then I can care less how young he looks or is.
I was nervous then he told me, "Mrs. Rogers....your tests came back normal. Thats the good news! Now we just have to see why there are no babies yet" Why is he telling me something that I already suspected.
He came around the desk and told me. "You have to relax and put this baby business outside of your mind. Sometimes if you focus so much on it..then it wont happen." It's easier for him to say. Now I have to tell Murillo and hopefully we can work on getting pregnant.
We try to go on small dates during the week. Him being a lawyer is hard to get away. I wanted to come to this restaurant because I wanted to see if its good as everyone says it is. It's definitely busy I would say.
I told Murillo what Dr. Behal said and he agreed. He told me he was fine with it just being us for right now. I guess I should take Dr. Behal's advice and relax myself.
Later that night I did get super relaxed. Murillo makes great love to me. Just when I think that I know how its going to be, he surprises me in our love making.
I know Murillo loves me. I just hope that we can get past this pregnancy thing.

Authors note~~~~~~~~~
I have no idea what happened to chapter 1 of this couple. I swear I posted it. I may have to repost at some point.
I have tried to get Duda pregnant and nothing. They both want a baby...I think I will let them try a few more times before incorporation the fertilization treatment.