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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Darcy Barillas- College Years

Darcy (18)
Narrated by Darcy
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 photo 17_zpse754a2a5.jpg
I met a nice young lady in college.  Her name is Kayla Royce.  We hit it off pretty quickly. I knew that she was having certain feelings for me.  One day she asked if I liked her. I confessed to her that I was gay.  I thought she would be disappointed with me but she said she was fine.  I guess it was that day we became best friends.  We talk about everything.
 photo 13_zpsf5563a16.jpg
I met Andrew at our local grocery store.  There was no need to ask. We both felt an attraction to each other.  After months of going to his check out lane at the store, I got the courage to ask him out on a date.  He actually arrived so late that I thought he had stood me up.
 photo 14_zps93c65706.jpg
We did go out late.  Next thing I knew we were making out in front of my dorm.
 photo 15_zpsfde1130b.jpg
I really didnt mean for us to go all the way but there was such a connection that I did.  Don't worry for me.  I know it may seem that school is not important. On the contrary it is and I have passed both my Freshman and Sophomore year with a B.  I still have decided what to declare but I will soon.  For now I just want to enjoy my time with Andrew

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kayla Royce- College years

Kayla Royce (18)
Narrated by Kayla
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 photo 9_zps8c313961.jpg
I met this guy on campus from Viramontes. His name is Darcy Barillas.  At first I found him somewhat attractive but he soon told me that he was gay.  It was more a relief for me because I needed to focus on school.  I have learned if you stick to studying and getting your stuff done, you will finish school earlier.  I decided to declare a drama major.
 photo 10_zps3fc236e6.jpg
As you can imagine, being a drama major means that I need to practice my stage presence constantly. Darcy also helped me to renew my look. He said I needed to stop looking like a high school kid from Viramontes.  I needed to now look like an awesome college student.
 photo 17_zpse754a2a5.jpg
Darcy and I have become close. We talk about everything. It really helps having a friend in college.  I want to help him find love but he tells me that he needs no help in that department.  He is finally going to meet someone that I am really interested in.
 photo 11_zps4c5b9b68.jpg
No guy on campus really holds my attention. I have decided to date Amin exclusively.  I haven't told my dad because he is worried that Amin is too old for me.  I think on the contrary.  I love that he is stable and does not play around like the guys in college.
 photo 12_zps829f1603.jpg
When Amin came to visit, Darcy was in my room. Amin knows that Darcy is gay so he was not concerned to find Darcy in my room. Amin came to celebrate that I completed my sophomore year. In two years, I will be able to move back to Viramontes.  Amin smiled and told me that he could not wait.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sarah Barillas- College years

Sarah (18)
Narrated by Sarah
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 photo 4_zps82a5c36d.jpg
Freshman year in school was easier than I thought it would be.  I am here with my brothers and we hung out more last year than we are doing in my sophomore year.  For me this year has been hard. I decided to major in political science and I am regretting every moment of it.  My professor says that I have to study more if I want to pass this year. 
 photo 6_zps28ebc4f2.jpg
Since its final week, I am trying to find a quiet place to study.  Right when I get into my study mode, people start to decend into the cafeteria to eat.  Needless to say that it gets too noisy for me to study.  I decide to put my books away and eat something rather quickly. 
 photo 5_zpsde6ef544.jpg
After finals were over, some decided to stay on campus while others decided to go home.  I decided to stay on campus and so did my siblings.  I made that decision because I was placed on academic probation. If I do not improve my grades, I will be asked to leave school.  I don't want that to happen so I need to focus on reapplying myself.  I developed a little crsush on this guy named Ethan Lim.  I was kind of hoping he would stay on campus, but he told me that he was going back home.  Maybe next year I will work up the nerve to ask him out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sebastian Barillas- College Years

Sebastian (18)
Narrated by Sebastian
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 photo 1_zps88fa3fd5.jpg
College is a lot easier than I thought it would be.  My parents made it seem as if it was going to be so hard.  I have decided to declare myself as a biology major. 
 photo 2_zps56a2991e.jpg
I tried dating a little but the girls on campus are either too clingy or know they are too hot and want you to chase them all day long. Me I will date if I find the right girl but I am not going to chase no one down.
 photo 3_zps1e046248.jpg

I guess my plan is working because I passed both Freshman and Sophomore year with a B.  I am getting ready to start my Junior year and I can tell its a little harder. I decided to join a research group. I hope this will help me finish strong.  I still don't know what career I will following but I will need to decide soon. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taylor Chalmers- college years

Narrated by Taylor
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 photo 11_zps6ec50f10.jpg
To be honest these past two years have been a blur. As I sit here finishing my sophomore year, I can not believe that I am finalizing my term paper for Sophomore year.  At first when I got here it was a little hard. I mean no one to tell you that it was time to get to class or worse finding out that you had no more clean clothes.  Now I am a complete expert.
 photo 6_zps98a57575.jpg
I am focusing a lot on school.  I guess that because of this Irfan and I have broken up.  We thought that our romance would make it but I decided to take a break. I didnt want to face the possibility of cheating on him.  It stung when he agreed that we should take a break.
 photo 12_zps4e95f507.jpg
At the end of sophmore year I was stuggling to complete my homework on time.  I began receiving tutoring with Zion Royce.  To my shock he asked me to have a date.  I was shocked and told him that we should think about it.  Even though Irfan and I are not together I still love him.  I was quite shocked when Zion asked me out. 

Nicholas Dominguez- College years

Nicholas (18)
Narrated by Nicholas
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 photo 4_zps89787e7b.jpg
My sister and I have arrived at college. I am really bummed about being here. I think this is not going to be the place for me.  Sasha on the other hand fits right in.  You can truly see how she loves being here at College.
 photo 8_zpsda4b8e65.jpg
I have to give this speech of school and I was freaking out. I practice all afternoon to make sure I didnt make a mistake.  I hated this in  high school and I hate it even more now. 
 photo 9_zps07ad3dc2.jpg
After all my hard work my Freshman year was finally over.  I decided to major in Biology. I figured that I would have less speeches to give. Now that I was a sophomore my classes were harder and I am not passing my tests. I dont know if this is for me to be honest with you.
 photo 10_zps1ec1d343.jpg
I started to try to date Willow Gothier. She is pretty and I think that we could hit it off.  I don't know if we can but at least I will give it a try.
 photo 5_zpsfb6c4435.jpg
Once the grades for Sophomore year came out, I knew I was doomed.  I did not do well at all and was asked to withdraw from my classes.  I decided to withdraw from school all together.  Sasha was more devastated than I was about this.  I told her that she would be fine because in all honestly she loves college. I on the other hand was happy to be out of there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sasha Dominguez- college years

Sasha Dominguez (18)
narrated by Sasha
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 photo 1_zps348a6c56.jpg
College has been great to me.  I really love going to class but mostly having the freedom to do as I wish.  My brother Nicholas is having more of a harder time dealing with the freedom that we have. 
 photo 2_zps22f95bc0.jpg
School has not been just about books and my guitar.  I started dating this hot guy.  I like him but I also don't want to limit myself.  His name is Jihoon Chun.  He is a great kisser.  Yes I am going to make up for lost time in college.
 photo 3_zpsdaacb77d.jpg
One of my professors came to see me in my dorm.  He was concerned because I had not declared my major yet.  I did know what I wanted to major I wanted but I had not had a chance to declare.  Therefore my professor showed up to shame me into declaring my major. So I declared myself as a Political Science major.
 photo 3b_zps6b075bef.jpg
I felt relieve after I declare my major.  Jihoon was happy as well.  He asked me to date him exclusively and I said yes. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Matriece Stompel

 photo 13_zpsac3ad08d.jpg
Name: Matriece Stompel
Age: Newborn
Parents: Jan McCullough and Montgomery Stompel
Sibilings: triplet sibilings- Blair and Montgomery
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated:Round 17

Blair Stompel

 photo 12_zpsff17440a.jpg
Name: Blair Stompel
Age: Newborn
Parents: Jan McCullough and Montgomery Stompel
Sibilings: triplet sibilings- Montgomery and Matriece
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated:Round 17

Montgomery Stompel

  photo 11_zps8b6237e7.jpg
Name: Montgomery Stompel
Age: Newborn
Parents: Jan McCullough and Montgomery Stompel
Sibilings: triplet sibilings- Blair and Matriece
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated:Round 17

Hayden Stompel- Chapter 3- Right in front of me.

Hayden (48), live in friend Jan (39), his girlfriend Kendra (37)
Narrated by Hayden 
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 photo 1_zps28dd610d.jpg
Jan and I have been getting alone lately. I am still getting used to her having a child for me.  We are trying hard to make sure the line between friend and ex lovers is drawn clearly.
 photo 2_zps4d26fd4a.jpg
Kendra and I are still dating. We are still working on her being comfortable with Jan living with me.  She says she is good with it but I am not sure.  She came over the other day because she needed to talk. 
 photo 3_zpsef494692.jpg
I knew it would not be good when she sighed as she sat down.  She started by telling me that she is jealous about me living with Jan.  She feels that Jan and I are connected because of our baby.  I know what she means but I want to make sure my child is taken care of as well.  At the end of our conversation, she told me that she could not continue our relationship anymore. 
 photo 4_zps7b5a917a.jpg
I called her and asked her to come back. She told me that there was nothing else that I could do to change her mind.  She left and there was nothing that I could do about it.
 photo 5_zpsc8e7b3c5.jpg
A few days passed and Jan knew that something was up.  I didn't feel like talking to her but I also didn't want to keep this bottled up. Before I knew it I was spilling out my guts to my baby's mother. After I was done I felt relieved to get that stuff off my chest.  Jan told me that once the baby came she would move out and things would be better.  I told her that we would take things one day at a time.
 photo 6_zps0c2c2d2b.jpg
Jan's baby bump was growing. It was strange to feel the baby kick for the first time. I actually felt a lot of movement.  It was at this time that Jan told me that we were expecting triplets.  I felt the air suck out of my lungs when she told me that. I mean I was OK with the idea of having one child but three?  No matter how nervous I felt, Jan kept her calm composure and told me that everything would be OK.
 photo 7_zps92832a44.jpg
I let the shock wear off a little bit.  I hugged Jan. I missed us being friends.  It felt natural to hug her and share this moment together.
 photo 8_zps738125ac.jpg
It started feeling too much like old times.  Before I knew it we were in bed making out.  That night we had passionate sex.  I was nervous about harming the babies but Jan told me that they would be OK.
 photo 9_zps4d730ee5.jpg
By the time that Jan gave birth, we were living as a couple.  I asked her if we should give ourselves a chance.  She told e that she was willing to try.  After all we had three babies that needed our attention and our love. 
 photo 10_zps30b3a6ec.jpg
Jan decided to take some time off of work to take care of our children. She told me that once they were a little older she would go back to work. I was OK with this because who better to take care of our children than their own mother.
 photo 11_zps8b6237e7.jpg
My son Montgomery is such a great son. 
 photo 12_zpsff17440a.jpg
Blair has also won over my heart.  She is going to be daddy's little girl. 
 photo 13_zpsac3ad08d.jpg
Along with her sister Matriece. 

 photo 14_zps9cdc24e4.jpg
I feel so complete right now. Jan says that she too feels happy with our life together.  Its funny how life can be. I had been looking for this and it was in front of me all along.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Josua ruben -Ch 2- moving on.

Joshua (39)
Ex of Melody- Sofia Barillas
 photo 1_zps82f57899.jpg
narrated by Joshua

 photo 2_zps4fe913ec.jpg
I decided that it was time for me to bid Melody farewell. I had held onto hope that we would somehow manage to work things out.  I even went to see her and noticed that she was actively dating.  I have been dating too but I have not given myself 100% to her.  I sent Elizabeth an invitation to come for dinner. I had told her that I was still in love with my ex wife but now I wanted to make sure that she knew I was ready to move on.
 photo 3_zps1050f18c.jpg
It really hurt to know that I was never going to be with Melody-Sofia again. She was my first love. Now that I look back at things maybe I shouldn't have pressured her to have a family with me.  Either way I was ready to move on and needed to put these feelings behind me.
 photo 4_zps6e6f48f9.jpg
Elizabeth looked even more beautiful than I remembered her.  She asked me straight out if I was over Melody. I told her that I was ready to move on and I would love it to be with her. 
 photo 5_zpse918d6db.jpg
we barely made it inside and we were tearing our clothes off.  She told me that she has been waiting to be with me since we started dating months ago.
 photo 6_zps6ecbcdf3.jpg
I have been training Elizabeth when I have free time.  She has a perfect body but she wanted to get it toned up.
 photo 7_zps0aab73ad.jpg
I have never been this happy.  Elizabeth and I love being together. I asked her to move in with me. I asked her if it was too soon. She told me that she would love to move in.
 photo 8_zps1cb4a52f.jpg
Our first night as a moved in couple was awesome.  We made love and then I started to panic that I was moving too fast.
 photo 9_zps5a75d60c.jpg
I walked to the yard and started working out.  Elizabeth came down and asked me if everything was OK.  I told her that I needed to take a breather.  I tried my best but I can see that she was worried that I regretting moving in.
 photo 10_zps60f81bfd.jpg
The next morning we woke up and I told Elizabeth that I did not regret us moving in together. 
 photo 112_zps15ae896d.jpg
Before I left for work I grabbed her and told her that everything was going to be OK.  I knew it would be. It just had to be.