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Friday, May 30, 2014

Justin Barillas- Ch 12- To go or not to let go?

Justin (41) his wife Lashawn (50)
their children: Cameron and Candice (14), triplets: Emeline, Laurel and Parker (5)
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Narrated by Lashawn
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Justin has set his heart on using every bit of our land.  He has been going crazy trying to make sure that he spends time with the kids.  He has now started selling the fish in our lake in the store. Sometimes I feel that there is nothing on this land that he can not sell.  The kids amazingly enough love fishing.  Candice catches more fish than Cameron at the moment. Its surprising to me how competitive the twins are.  Justin just loves being able to hang out more with the kids. 
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I think it was getting a little too crazy when I noticed that it was getting really dark and yet they were out there.  Eme, Laurel and Parker were too young to be out there too late. They protested but I got them in their bed and asleep while the twins and Justin stood out there.  They even got me out there to do some fishing.
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The next morning it was so hard to get them up.  Candice had to help me with Luarel because she is such a tough cookie to wake up. I have never seen any child of mine be so cranky in the morning. No need to say that Laurel is not a morning person.
 photo 5_zps2ae4e700.jpg
I guess fishing was not enough because there are times when I am woken up to the grunt noises. Imagine my surprise when I see Justin and Cameron going at it with the weight bench.  I dont know why these two can not just sleep in once in a while.
 photo 6_zpse68eebb7.jpg
I got breakfast ready and everyone lazily came down to eat. I could tell that there were some sleepy heads but they had to get ready for school.  I hope next time they will realize that I when I say go to sleep its go to sleep.
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With the kids gone, Justin and I have a little peace and quiet before he opens the store.  I only work a few days a week now as university lecturer. Justin has been working hard to get his college degree.  He wants to take the store to the next level.  In order to do that, he tells me that he needs to go to training in another state.  Its too far of a commute and he wanted to know if it was OK for him to live  there while finishing up his degree.  The news shocked me but how could I say no?  He supported me through out my whole career and now that he needs me I have to be there for him.  I told him that we should think about it.  He agreed.
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Our store pretty much runs itself but Justin does have to be there to remind the employees that we are the bosses. If not some will take advantage.
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On my days off I help out and mind the store. Its always nice when I am in there and my sister-in-laws come out to visit and shop around a bit.  Consuelo loves coming out to visit.  I think now that she is an empty nester she loves the freedom. Her and Maura are doing great.
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As much as I love the store, the best time for me is closing time.  We get to close shop and next door to our home and see what is going on.  Justin had to run into downtown for a bit so I told him that I would make sure everyone was on track with schoolwork and dinner.
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The kids were doing their homework but it was noisy when I got inside.  I was not used to so much activity so I needed my cup of coffee.  I needed the energy. its times like these when I miss Justin the most. I can only imagine what its going to be like with just the kids and me.  Justin has always been the "stay at home dad" due to our store.
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Everyone lets out a sigh of relief when Justin comes home to get dinner started.  The twins go in right away to help out.  I think Candice is going to be a great cook. I dont know if Cameron will be. I hear he is always nicking his fingers which means whatever he is cutting is wasted.
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At dinner we announced that Justin was going out of state to finish his degree.  The kids were upset that he had to leave but we explained it was necessary. I love how we all looked lost just thinking about survival mode with out Justin there.
 photo 14_zps18e25080.jpg
Later that week we got his things ready. Just took me outside and told me that he love me. He was so happy that he was able to take this opportunity and finish what he started. I told him that he better not find a young thing and leave me here.  He told me that I was his one true love.  He melts my heart when he tells me that.
 photo 15_zpsebcdc2d4.jpg
Before long it was time for him to leave. I gave him a good squeeze and told him that I loved him with all my heart. I didnt want to let go but I knew that I would have to. 
Author's note-
ROS!!  Justin had to leave for a year due to rolling the good ol ROS-  "On Job assignment must leave for 1 rotation".  I wanted it to be Lashawn but the dice decided for it to be Justin.  I figured he might as well get some education points for it. I just hope that next rotation he wont roll a divorce or something worse..eek.
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Suki Dominguez-Ch 12 Life as I know it.

Suki (41) her husband Toby(43) Their children: Madison (14), twins Donnatella and Annatella (9)
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Narrated by Suki
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The kids are growing up so fast. I keep telling Toby that sooner rather than later they are not going to be around us all the time.  Soon high school will be their main priority.  I have thought about having more but then I think of all the hard work and stop myself. I am find with my precious babies.
 photo 2_zps98a7d55b.jpg
Madison and Donnatella hang out a lot. I feel that Annatella gets jealous sometimes. I have to kindly remind Madison that he has two sisters not just one.  I know he doesnt do it intentionally but the girls are a little too young to know that.
 photo 3_zpse478e82b.jpg
My business has been booming.  We finally saw a profit and Toby was happy for me.  Now that Madison is in high school we have to pay a little more.  I am just hoping that my stylist can keep up with the demand.
 photo 4_zps5697eb5b.jpg
I now have a long waiting list.  I try to refer to the stylist that rent the booth in my salon but they refuse to leave me.  So I go client and client making sure that everyone leaves happy with their new look.
 photo 5_zpsdf445766.jpg
Many of them do like their new look.  I always love when I have to convince someone to let me do my thing with my shears and then they like it.
 photo 6_zps312cc528.jpg
Then there is the other type of client that god knows where they went to and they come here for me to fix them up.  I dont know what these people were thinking. I mean how could a man walk around with make up on?  Thank goodness he came to see me. I fixed him up right away. Before I know it my day has ended. I close up shop and start it all over again the next day.  I wouldnt trade my life for anything in the world.