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We are currently in Round 17, which is scheduled to end 2/17/15.
Round 16 finished 10.14.12
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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Sims Financial sheet-Game play note

Hello everyone,
I have been meaning for a while to share my financial spreadsheet for my sims2.  I decided to change it up a little bit because I was getting tired of collecting taxes every time I played a household.  I give credit to all the sims 2 blogs out there that I follow: Sullivan Sims, Pine Hollow and Apple Valley. 

The Sims Financial Sheet
Service Cost Service Cost

Marriage 1000 Funeral Cost 3000

Separation 500 Birth Fee 2000

Divorce 2000 Adoption Fee 4000

Spousal Alimony 3000 per round Live in Nanny 18000

Child support 1/2 tuition plus 2000 Live in butler/maid 15000

  Grammar School:  High school College Masters PhD

Public 2000 3000 18000    

Private 4000 5000 25000 25000 30000

At home Bachelor Degree- Using Monique's computer        
Sim must write 1 term paper on each skill: Cooking, Mechanical, Charisma, Body, Logic, Creativity and Cleaning. 

Master's Program:  Rolls: Counseling want after college graduation Bonus: $4000 each round  
Sims must learn two life skills and write two novels. 

Life skills: Parenting, Fire Saftely, Anger Management, Life long Happiness, Physioiolgy or Counseling

PhD Program:  Rolls: Happiness want after Master's program completion Bonus $8000 each round
Sims must choose 4 Life skills and write five novels.

Life skills: Parenting, Fire Safety, Anger Management, Life long Happiness, Physiology or Counseling

Property Value of the sims worth is divided among children when all living parents are deceased.  If 
a parent moves in with their child the inheritance "fund" stops collecting.    

Taxes: 15 % of household collected every four years Business Earnings:    
Deductions:      These are calculated by rolling Dice
Couple 2000   D20 rolls even then it’s a profit. Rolls odd it a loss revenue. 
Kid 1500  
Business Credit 3000  
Pets 500  

Mortgage:  Must have 20% down payment

Loan:  5% interest every four years

Bankruptcy Sims must sell all they own. Are allowed to keep Basics in an apartment. No ownership of house/car is allowed. Does not declare taxes for 12 years. 




Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Atani (41) her husband Alec (46)
children: Hitoshi and Kanji (14) and Jah-Khan (11)
  photo 1_zps854fe7ce.jpg
Narrated by Atani
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  photo 2_zps906d0982.jpg
Tensions in the family have been pretty tight due to Africa's situation. Now that its sure that Africa and Laci are going to lose their house we are all trying to find out how to house them.  Alec told me from the get go that we could not have them all live here. I didnt know how to feel about that. I mean she is my sister and I owe it to her to be there to support her.  He on the other hand feels that she allowed this to happen.  Because of this we have not been talking as we normally would.
 photo 3_zpsea169068.jpg
Africa came over one day with Laci.  As expected they came to see if we were able to offer any advice or perhaps some money. Alec told Africa that he felt for her but needed to take care of our kids first. I could not believe what was coming out of his mouth. I was upset but I didnt want to cause more of a commotion that need be.  Africa understood but I could tell that Laci was visibly upset at his rude response.
 photo 4_zps683a90be.jpg
I decided to have a lunch and invited my sister Suki and my brother Miguel. If anyone could fix this it would be Miguel.  After all he is the legacy heir and has the reins of the legacy money.  We were all heart broken that this is happening to our sister.  He also said that he didnt think that he could risk it all since there was not much left.  For now we could help pay a few months of an apartment for Laci and Africa.  Suki volunteered that we each take a few kids to lessen the financial load on Africa.  Miguel said that it would be splitting up family and he was against that.  by the end of our lunch we were left as we were in the beginning. We just simply did not have a financial means to help Africa out.
 photo 5_zpsd8f2e899.jpg
I decided to take the afternoon and go to my studio. I would have to admit that the studio is working out great. I love my space and there have been people signing up for classes.  I think most of the men are here for meeting girls.  I am just happy to see that they are participating too.
  photo 6_zpsad342cd0.jpg
There are lucky days when I actually have to turn people away. I tell them that we are not able to accomodate them and they come back for a later session.  Alec is happy that my business is booming.
  photo 7_zps1d41d27c.jpg
But my happiness does not last too long when Africa appears at my doorstep.  They are now thinking of possibly moving to another city. Its too bad that we do not have the means to help her right now.  I told her to keep her head up and it will be alright.
 photo 8_zps5e3fcaae.jpg
A few days later, Alec told me that he couldnt stand the argument between us. He said he was sorry that we were not able to help Africa. He did apologize for being rude to her and said that if we wanted to he would support a loan against my dance studio and some cash from our savings. I told him to let me think about it.
 photo 9_zps50da14d5.jpg
Aside from that we met the young ladies that are sons like and thinking of asking out to date.  I dont like this idea but Alec says that 15 is a normal age for boys to start dating. Besides according to him they are just friends at this point.  Hitoshi likes his friend Kendal Kalson. I mean you could tell he likes her but I dont know if she feels the same.
 photo 10_zps1ca4bc16.jpg
Kani likes Mehrissa Cwik.  I see sparks there but I dont want to pry.  Alec seems like a proud dad to see that his boys are not shy to ask a young lady out.  I dont know if he would be too keen if he had daughters. 
 photo 11_zps31eea4fd.jpg
At the end of the day I make sure my boys know that we are there for them and that family is important. It is important that they get along as brothers and they realize we are here to help and advise them.  Alec gave me the biggest smile and I smiled back taking in our lovely family.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Adam Barillas -Ch. 10 - I dont think so...

 photo 1a_zps80023ebb.jpg
 Adam (43), his wife Cara (39)
Children: twins- Jada and Kameko (14)
Narrated by Adam
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 photo 1_zps0b18e1f1.jpg
I am desperate to get this awful pounds off of me. Whoever said that being a celebrity chef is easy has it totally wrong.  I have to deal with my weight constantly. If not Cara is on me for being a bad example to the girls.  I understand but with work being so busy who has time to work out?  However Cara says I need to stay home more often and take part of the girls lives.  They are growing up so quick and now that they are teens they are racing to become young adults.  I dont ever remember moving so fast when I was growing up.
 photo 2_zps5ad8f090.jpg
I took Cara's advice and am staying home a few days a week for now. Jada was surprised that I was home. I mean she was almost freaked out. I asked her if everything was OK and she told me it was. I dont know but something just didnt seem right to me.
 photo 3_zpse7cb30ab.jpg
Later that week I found out I was right.  A while back Cara insisted that I hire a gardener to help the house look decent. I mean we are so busy the last thing that I wanted was to come home and pull weeds.  One night I came home and to my surprise Jada was talking to our gardener but my ears perked up when I heard our gardener calling things off with her. Since when were they dated.  Naturally when Jada saw me she clammed up. I interrupted them and ordered Jada to go to her room and fired Calista our gardener.  She claimed to not know that Jada was under aged. What is wrong with these people?

 photo 4_zps716e9676.jpg
OK so my dad caught me with Calista. I had to beg him not to call the police and confessed that I had lied to her all along about my age.  My dad was so mad at me. I never thought my dad would yell at me like that. I got to the room and Kameko kne something was wrong. She agreed with our dad and I knew thy were right.  Mom and dad were to discuss my punishment and inform me tomorrow of what it will be.  How embarrassing was it to have Calista stare at me as my dad confronted me.  I guess we wont be seeing each other no time soon.
  photo 5_zps8e337425.jpg
the next day Kameko and I were waiting to see what punishment I was going to get.  I didnt get too much other than no going out. I think my dad is just shocked that both Kameko and I want to date. I mean dont we have a right to date?
 photo 6_zps30b9c088.jpg
Either way it seems that my twin and I are already unlucky in love. She told me today that her and Derek were not working out. I told her not to date the newspaper delivery guy but would she listed to me? No. Now we are both single and I am sure that dad is loving it.
 photo 72_zps1e2b9869.jpg
We were asked to sit down and both my mom and dad talked to us.  They told us to slow down and enjoy the life we had and not to rush to become adults. I guess they are right but can I help it that I like girls now and not school?  Kameko says she needs a break from dating. Its not like we have a choice since were banned from dating until were 16.  Two more years?  What difference is that going to make in our lives? I guess we will have wait and see.

   photo 82_zps92bd446e.jpg
Cara and I were talking about the girls and we think that its wise for them to date when they are 16.  I wish I could say 46 but I dont think that will fly with them.  To my surprise I think that Cara tried to hint around about having another baby.  We never really stopped trying to have another one but it never happened. Cara says that its now or never.  Lets see what happens. I am 43 and these girls are killing me now as it is. Ca I really handle a newborn? However it might be nice if I had a son.  Hmmm the idea is growing on me.