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Saturday, November 4, 2017

site forever closed

Dear all I had unfortunately had not noticed that photobucket changed their website/policy to not allow 3rd party hosting/ linking.  Just so happens that life took over and I had not updated this blog for a long while.  Therefore it is best to close it down since i will not be transferring my over 5000 images nor will I pay the yearly fee. RIP Viramontes city.  Perhaps someday I will upload the rest.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Asia Dominguez Ch. 13- A bird leaves the nest

Asia (48) her husband Vincent (52)
their children: Naremi,(20), Paul and Simon (10), Barett, Marilou and Penelope (1)
Last update
 photo 1_zpsdaxxfdaz.jpg
Narrated by Naremi
 photo 3_zpsitqq2xlb.jpg
With the arrival of my new siblings, my parents decided that it was time to find a bigger place that would fit all of us.  My mom did not want to purchase a home just yet.  She wanted to make sure we all had a chance to go to college with some of her help.  I am still debating whether to go to college or not.
 photo 4_zpsmofci3yh.jpg
We finally found this awesome place. My little brother Paul and Simon were ecstatic to check out the new yard that came with our apartment. I was more interested to see how or sleeping arrangements would be. After all we were moving for more space. 
 photo 6_zpskivrgywi.jpg
My work as an intern is going well. My relationship with Goopy is going strong. One day we were cuddling and before I knew it, one thing led to another. It was the first time for the both of us.  We were not planning on going all the way but I could not stop myself let along Goopy.
 photo 7_zpsdztnb1yl.jpg
It was magical for both of us.  Sure it is my first time but I hope it will not be more than one time. Goopy was worried that we would be caught.  We rushed to get dressed and back to work.
 photo 8_zps3nfptsmv.jpg
My mom is back into getting working out. I decided to join her to see if we could talk about what happened with Goopy and I.  I just could not find the time for us to talk about it. I mean how in the world do I say to my mom.. "hey mom im no longer a virgin". I could not say. Maybe one other day I would find the correct time to tell her.
 photo 9_zps8dx8jqtj.jpg
Goopy has been getting crazy because I told him that I wanted to go away to school. He is naturally worried that our relationship will end.I am not worried about it because I know it will survive. I love Goopy with all of my heart. 
 photo 10_zpstpqixzlx.jpg
He finally agreed that college would be best for me.. for us. He also wanted to go to college but he didnt now how he would pay for it. I told him that we would find a way. He wanted to ask me something before I left for the day.
 photo 11_zpsnpilico4.jpg
He knelt in front of me ans asked me to marry him. I was surprised at the proposal.I also  knew that I would say yes. We would definitely make this work.
 photo 12_zpsncoasfpr.jpg
We were both excited to get started in this stage of our lives. At first I was scared that he wanted me to stay here but he told me no.  He wanted me to go to college and make sure to come back to him and to our love. I mean can it get any better?
 photo 14_zpsrcrhfukm.jpg
I told my mom and she was of course concerned. She was hopeful that I would not change my mind from changing about college.  I told her that we both decided that I would go to college and then I would help Goopy finish college. She was concerned but I think she realized that I was now 20 years old and pretty much could do what I wanted.  My mom and I did end up talking for a while and getting along.
 photo 13_zpsbfeqigp2.jpg
Goopy had amazed me because he went out with my step dad to ask his permission to get married. I love my step dad but he also was concerned. I never did expected my step-dad to actually approve but he did because he is a romantic at heart. For me all of the pieces were falling into place.
 photo 16_zpslgp3lhz8.jpg

I registered for school and  I could not believe I was actually doing this. I Naremi Dominguez was a college student. I was scared but my mom assured me that it would all work out.  Here I go off to college!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Marcos Barillas-Ch. 13- Time is passing too fast.

Marcos (47) his wife Renee (36)
their Children: Germelo and Anai (9), Brett, Jordan and Shoban (4)
Marcos children from 1st marriage: David, Eugenio, Pearla and Mateo (20)
 photo 1_zpsxwynajnp.jpg
Narrated by Marcos.
 photo 2_zpst2pehzf5.jpg
Renee has been working hard on finishing her master's degree. I know how hard it is because I too have struggled to finish mine. Last year when I completed mine, I told Renee that I wanted her to finish as well. With our five kids at home, it is almost impossible for her to find some time to study.Although it is hard Renee recommitted to finishing her degree sooner rather than later.
 photo 3_zpspcsv3cfk.jpg
This meant for her to be sound asleep by the time I got home from work.  Late night hours are starting to interfere with my home life.  I need to work on getting home earlier so that I can enjoy my family life.
 photo 4_zps3kai9qbm.jpg
The triplets are turning five soon.  We have discussed about having a small party but Renee and I have not had time to sit down and actually plan it.  With my huge family there needs to be a lot of planning. I just can not send an email and say, "come on down". 
 photo 5_zpsmlxrh9ml.jpg
I finally managed to talk to Renee on her way to work and while I was in the shower.  She told me she would wait outside since we both realized how ridiculous we looked trying to talk over the shower.
 photo 6_zpsbdkscwiz.jpg
As much as we would love a big party for our triplets, we decided against it.  We just do not have the time to focus on party planning right now.  I offered to have one of my sister-in-law's do it but she would not like that.  I took the opportunity to tell Renee I missed her and we needed some time for ourselves.  It was then she decided to call off sick from work.
  photo 7_zpswqumx8jm.jpg
It felt great to make love with the children off to school. We did not have to worry about one of them coming into the room and asking us what we are doing. Renee told me  that she received a letter from school stating she as qualified to graduate.  I was so proud of her.  We both set out to get our master's degrees and had accomplished it.
 photo 8_zpsa56slwqw.jpg
We celebrated Brett, Jordan and Shoban's birthday with their favorite meal Mac and Cheese.  It was simple but just what we needed to reconnect.  We also told the children that Renee had finished school.  I could tell that Germelo and Anai were excited to have their mom back to normal.  I was also happy to have my wife back to normal as well.
We had invited my older children to join us but they all now have busy lives and sent their regrets.  I do not want my children to grow apart from each other but given that my older children are 20 it seems that they naturally will grow apart.

 photo 9_zpsqr0azl1f.jpg
Renee opted out of the graduation ceremony.  She also told me tat she was thinking of taking some time off of work. She had been noticing that she was missing on important mile stones when it came to the triplets. For her it seemed that their fifth birthday came so fast.  I understood and decided to support er deision.
  photo 10_zpsgyet1frq.jpg
Renee had been nervous that I would not be supportive of her decision. How could I say no to her wanting to spend time with our children?  I will admit that I was worried how this would affect us financially. I would keep that to myself for now.  Who knows maybe Renee will want to go back to work sooner rather than later?
 photo 11_zpsb9hz2xw0.jpg
The kids were ecstatic when she told them that she was staying home rather than working.  Shoban was happy that she would have more mommy time.  I was also going to work hard on getting home on time so that I too can spend more time at home. Amazing how time flies so fast and all of my children will soon be adults.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ian Barillas- Ch. 13- Something in her personality

Ian (47)
last update
  photo 1_zps8c41hvh2.jpg
Allyn and I are still dating. It seems too much work to end the relationship. I did try a few times but everytime that I tried, she would convince me that we were fine. I mean the sex life was great but I need soemthing more.
  photo 2_zps2tf9di6o.jpg
Sure we had great times. I would always think of her like a special girl in my life.  I think she knew that it was not going to work out. No matter how much she tried I just didn't feel the need to move the relationship further.
  photo 3_zps6lnpu5ga.jpg
WE slept together one last time before we called it quits. Before you go judging me ...she wanted to sleep together one last time. Who was I to deny her ?
  photo 5_zpswr9fw29s.jpg
My boys and little girl come to visit me whenever they get a chance.  August is still single but it seems that he is getting along with his ex and is allowed to have his kids with him as well.  I love seeing my grandhildren.  I am not goign to lie.  It seems odd to me that I am a grandfather. But I can at least say that I am a hot one!  For me the idea of haing more children is done.  Four kids for me is more than plenty.  Sayra is 16 now and she is about to hopefully go off to college.  Darcy is currently in college and does not come around as often.  I do not pester him because I am proud of him fighting his own demons and going to college. It is more than I n say for my other children. This is why I hope that Sayra goes to school.
 photo 6_zpsvhztoq7a.jpg
fFor now Sayra doesn't say anything to me. I talk to her mother once in a while and she tells me that Sayra is doing well.  I couldn't ask for anything more.
 photo 7_zpslqybcar7.jpg
The best is seeing my grandchildren cause havoc. I hae always been more of a free spirit when it came to raising my children. Their mom's were the disciplinarians when I was with them.  I think they did a great job.
 photo 8_zpsx7hohist.jpg
I met up with my brother Marcos at the local coffee bar.  His life is going great. He and his wife have toddle riplets and he takes every opportunity they can to get a break.  For now he was here with me to take a break but he had to leave soon after arriving.
 photo 9_zpsnwzgx2e0.jpg
I started dating a co worker of mine named Mackenzie.  We both were in agreement that this was just a hook up an no where near a relationship.  We both had a need and knew how to fulfill it.
  photo 10_zpsezlq6fd3.jpg
One night I went out to meet her and she stood me up.  My going out was not in vain because I met a young lady named Michelle Tse.  She is 28 and was not shocked when I told her I was 47.  She actually said that she loves older men because they do not get false hope of a relationship. I was intrigued by her attitude.
 photo 11_zpsq4codlna.jpg
I decided to ask her out a few more dates.  We clicked instantly.  We both had a great time hangin out. She actually took my money in a poker game we played. 
 photo 12_zpshgrzhk2f.jpg
I finally convinced her to come to my apartment for dinner.  She was worried that we were getting too serious but I told her we weren't. I made sure we both knew that this was casual.  This girl was a breath of fresh air!
  photo 13_zpsxqyrmc5o.jpg
I definitely was liking this girl a lot.
  photo 14_zpstnexwwyo.jpg
To our surprise, we had been dating for several months.  She asked if I would meet her friends and I told her why not.  They had a picnic and they seems like nice girls.  They right away asked me my age and I did not shy away from telling them. They seemed to take it well. However I did not care because I only cared about what Michelle and I thought about this.  This is one of my drawbacks of young women.  They care too much about their friend's opinions.
  photo 15_zpsiw3nr0zd.jpg
Not my Michelle.  When she saw that her friend was grilling me, she came over and put her friend in her place.

 photo 16_zpsz2cynqfr.jpg
We decided to date exclusively. It had been a while since we both had a serious relationship. However we both felt secure in our new relationship.
 photo 17_zpsv65miage.jpg
One night we were in bed and I asked her to move in with me.  She told me that she would love too.  It had been a while since I felt this happy.
 photo 18_zpscpfkrv7w.jpg
The next morning , Michele said she would go and get her clothes and other items to move in. 
 photo 4_zpshmgtt1s8.jpg

I got ready to go to work. Imagine my surprise when leaving my home, I saw all these red roses.For a mintue I was wondering who they were from.  I nervously grabbed a card and realized quickly that they were from Michelle. I smiled all the way to work.  Yes this girl is definitely a keeper.

author's note:
Ian is a love machine!  I get him to meet all these women and none of them peek his interest after a quickie. I mean come on IAN!  Finally Michele kind of peaked his interest. I wonder if he will ever roll a marriage want for anyone. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Briana Chalmers Ch. 14- Moving on to better things.

Brianna (47)
Her children: Taylor (19), Isaiah(17) and Samira (11)
Last episode/Next episode

 photo 1_zpsnehkf8w1.jpg
Narrated by: Briana
 photo 2_zpspxvrkry1.jpg
I love sitting in my back yard soaking up the sun rays.  Nothing pleases me more than to be able to work out and sit back here and lounge after a grueling workout.  Lately however, I feel as if this house is way too big for us. Taylor is doing well in college and Isaiah spends more and more time with his boyfriend than at home.  Samira and I are the only ones home and this house needs too much care.  I have been thinking about selling for a while, but I did not want to get rid of the memories this place holds for all of us.
 photo 4_zps85hnuuyo.jpg
I love having my family come over and visit.  Two of my brothers had decided to come over for breakfast to catch up.  All of us have been so busy that we have not had too much time to hang out. Marcos and Ian are closest to me and come over any time they get a chance. 
 photo 5_zpsroypeskn.jpg
I told them my idea of selling this house to see what type of feedback I would get.  Ian was all for it. He told me that he would even help me look for a place.  He himself has moved quite a lot and considers himself an expert.  The first thing he told me was to get rid of all my furniture and start off fresh.
Marcos on the other hand thought differently.  He thought I should stay here and get more equity before I deccide to sell the house.  Its a tough decision, but I decided to run it by the kids to see if they would be open to discussing it. 

 photo 6_zpsailv9fs1.jpg
Isaiah had come home which lately is more like a miracle. He heard the idea from his uncle Ian and was all for it.  I think Isaiah needs to put his feet on the ground. Playing house with George is not the same as actually paying rent in the same home or in his case apartment.  Even though he was gun ho about it... I still had to see what Taylor would think.

 photo 9_zps8kvr2gjq.jpg

Taylor does not come home as much as I would like. I remember how it is in college so I try not to stress her too much about coming home.  I love seeing my baby girl growing up.  I am so proud of her and love the fact  that she loves college and is on track. 
 photo 7_zpseolfcpzk.jpg
Over dinner we discussed the selling of the house and to my surprise she was for it.  She also agreed that the house was a little too big.  I think the only one that had a concern was Samira.  She was scared that she would not find new friends in our new neighborhood. In the end, we all decided we would just test the market and see if we happened to find a place.  There were no guarantees.
  photo 8 2_zpsnzj4ussq.jpg
So here we were the Chalmers family ready to get ready to live a new adventure.
 photo 10_zpsx9bkfnjl.jpg
We looked all over the place. Viramontes is in the process of building various homes.  Samira was there with me because she insisted that she wanted a nice room.  I brought her with me when we found the house that fit all of our needs. 
 photo 11_zpsnd5gr9sq.jpg

I made a bid and was approved.  We came back to be relish in the fact that this was now our home.  I needed to get new furniture but most of all needed to finish our walls.
 photo 3_zpsncynjmhs.jpg
After we closed on our new home, we had to put our current home on sale.  The bank decided to pick it up while it was sold. I took my last swim in my swimming pool.  There were many memories here. I felt sad because  I was leaving my memories with Neal.  He would always be in my heart. I still miss him but it is definitely less. I miss him more for my children now more than me.
 photo 14_zpslcht1t6p.jpg
It took a bit but I finished the home just the way I imagined it.  John was instrumental in helping me finishing this.  At first I was nervous to ask him for help.  Next thing I knew he and I were side by side putting up wallpaper and painting the kitchen/dining room.  We are closer than ever. He is another reason that I felt strong enough to leave my former house. 
 photo 16_zpsqbvnnkx0.jpg
John feels more comfortable sleeping over.  He never did like sleeping over in my other house. I think that he  feels like here we can make our own memories. I dont blame him. If the situation were the other way around, I am sure that I would feel uncomfortable as well.
 photo 17_zpsvaey7skc.jpg
In the morning, it feels great to see him laying in my bed.  He did tell me that he gets nervous that Samira will see  im and wonder if he had slept over.  Little did he know that I already talked to Samira and she knoews that John and I are serious. 

  photo 18_zpsskfibspi.jpg
One day I came home and John was there talking to Samira. She could hardly stop smiling. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes and ran to her room.

 photo 19_zpsgolzcs1c.jpg

John asked me to go to dinner with him that night. Isaiah was home and he would take care of Samira while we were out. I was game because I didn't want to cook tonight.
 photo 20_zpsuff2hkoa.jpg
We went to Adam's restaurant.  It was nice to be in the place where we had our first date over a two years ago.  John was happy and he asked me if I was happy with him.  I could honestly answer that I was so happy with her.
  photo 21_zpsllzu5o3f.jpg
Before I knew it, John placed a box on the table and asked me to marry him.  I said, "Yes". I was so happy that we were taking the next stage in our relationship.
 photo 22_zpsu2xvwxoy.jpg
We got home and Samira was waiting for us. She hugged me and told me that John had asked her earlier if he could have my hand in marriage.  To my surprise he had reached out to all my children.
 photo 24_zpsgimvzrll.jpg
I asked my baby if she was truly happy.  She told me that she was.  For me this meant the world. As a mom, I always feared getting remarried and my children not liking my selection for my life partner.
  photo 25_zpsr91s7rax.jpg
We called Taylor and told her . She was so excited and happy for us.
 photo 26_zpsmbt2j32f.jpg
Isaiah had run to work but he squeezed me tight before he left.  John and I are looking forward to a great life together.  I had worried at first about him wanting children but he told me that he was fine the way we were. He did not want children of his own. Here's to my impending marriage!