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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dylan Barillas- Ch 10-Romance is in the air

Dylan (37) his husband Leo (68)
Their children: Salma and Harold (15)
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Narrated by Leo
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I am on vacation and let me tell you that its really boring.  I rather be at work saving patient lives than being here at home by myself.  Sure there's a morning rush when the kids and Dylan get ready for their day but then I am left alone. If it weren't for our faithful butler I would have no one to talk to.
 photo 4_zpsb3e8486e.jpg
I figured I would try to get healthier for my family.  My husband Dylan, is 30+ years younger than me. I need to look my best so that I can keep him around.  Don't get me wrong. I know that Dylan loves me but this is more for me than him.
 photo 3_zps451d3b4c.jpg
I am at my best when I am jogging. I can feel my mind racing with ideas. I also start to think about the twins, Dylan and what would happen if we did have another child?  However that last thought flees my mind rather quickly when I get off the treadmill.
 photo 6_zps0aa552c9.jpg
Imagine my surprise when a squirt named Stephan Benson starts coming around?  At first I thought he was here for Salma.  I was worried because we never discussed the dating rules.  Dylan told me that I needed to let them test the waters a bit.  It turned out that Stephan actually liked Harold and vice versa. Dylan promised he would stand guard while the teens "tested the waters" however given our busy schedule he fell asleep instead of chaperoning.
 photo 8_zpsb1c5ffa2.jpg
Turns out that Harold was not interested in Stephen.  Harold is gay but he said that Stephan is way too needy for him. Dylan took it upon himself to tell Stephen but he would not hear of it.  I felt bad for Stephen..I couldn't imagine trying so hard to get someone to like me.  This is one of the reasons I thank God I am not a teenager.
 photo 9_zps79d5f0c3.jpg
I had about enough of Dylan trying to hint when I saw Stephen hanging around too much. I finally told him that Harold did not want anything to do with him... Dylan was upset and Harold I could tell was embarrased. But really how much longer could this go on?
 photo 10_zpsa3d236c5.jpg
I had a talk with both Harold and Salma.  They are allowed to date but they have to deal with their dates not us.  I told them that I nor their father are their break up facilitators. I explained to Harold that if he didnt like Stephen that he should have told him from the beginning.  I told them If they would not be grown enough to do this then they should not be dating.  Salma agreed and said that she was not dating for this exact reason.
 photo 13_zpsc19d6a71.jpg
We never did see Stephen again.  We did however start seeing Edward Hernandez.  This time I was told he and Harold were trying things out or dating.
 photo 12_zps5f943a31.jpg
Sometimes I wondered about Edward's intentions because he doted on Salma a lot.  Dylan told me that I was just being a protective dad.
 photo 15_zpsbb816f6f.jpg
It soon became apparent that this was someone for Harold. I could tell right away that he was smitten with Edward.
 photo 17_zps502a73c0.jpg
Soon...well a little too soon for my taste anyway...they started going steady.
 photo 16_zps30e8e5f8.jpg
They moved rather quickly. This was something that we didn't want but how could we stop it?
 photo 19_zps79097b7d.jpg
This is when I noticed that we needed to focus more on us.  Soon the twins would be grown and out of the house.  What would we have left if we did not invest on keeping our relationship alive.
 photo 20_zpscf8d98a9.jpg
I asked Dylan out for a date and he was smitten that after all these years I would ask. I wanted to make this as romantic as possible.  He of course agreed.
 photo 22_zpsae408a86.jpg
For our date we went out to eat.  It had been a long time since we went somewhere without the kids. It was great to be out there ourselves. 
 photo 23_zps4b300d69.jpg
We sipped wine, ate and had a great time.  This is why I love Dylan so much.  He never asks for anything. Yet I know he deserves all I can give them and more.
 photo 24_zps91056632.jpg
We both promised that we would do this more often.  It was so great that we were going to make this our thing to do more often.
 photo 21_zps88069d9a.jpg
When we got home we were about to get out of the car and then Dylan decided to get a little frisky. I guess our romance is alive and well after all.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Carson BarillasCh- 10--It was a surpise alright

Carson (37) his wife Vanessa (36)
Their children: Jewel and Julian (12), Giovanni and Lorenzo (8)
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Narrated by:Carson
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We are living life day to day. I think that we are finally settling into our life.
 photo 3_zps835ecf94.jpg
Work is great. However I have been working a lot and I have been eating a lot of fast food lately. I have been packing up the pounds. Before it got to extreme I decided to take matters in my own hands and started to work out.  I needed to set an example and not only for my family but also my patients.
 photo 4_zps5c80b69b.jpg
One night I came home and Vanessa was up waiting for me.  I happened to be oncall so I did not get home in time to tuck in the kids.  Vanessa looked worried and when I asked her what was wrong she told me that we are expecting again.  I think I sensed a little bit of fear and sadness in her.  I told her that we are blessed to bring another life into this world.
 photo 5_zps4cfabb5b.jpg
She was nervous about having to leave her job again. I told her not to worry because I would do all in my power to support her.  I even suggested that we look into hiring a nanny.  She was not sure about hiring help.  She wants to think about it for a while. 
 photo 6_zps4fe38913.jpg
I had to take care of the kids one evening and it dawned on me that the kids were pretty much independant.  Maybe this is what was worrying Vanessa?  We were going straight back to diapers and bottle feedings at all times of the night.  Maybe it was time to talk about birth control.
 photo 7_zps38430f26.jpg
Vanessa has been taking this pregnancy in stride.  Her previous pregnancies she would take it easy. Now she is a work out machine and is actively playing with our kids outside. I have to tell her to slow it down a bit.
 photo 8_zps0b275fff.jpg
She never listens to me.
 photo 11_zps8fad81d8.jpg
That is until she reached the last trimester.  She kept complaining that she was bigger than normal. I told her that she looked just as beautiful as the day I met her.
 photo 14_zpsdfb9acbe.jpg
Now that Jewel is 13, she has decided that she wants to help with cooking.  She is starting out with mac and cheese. I think its great she wants to help but I think we have had enough of Mac n Cheese to last us a lifetime. There is only so much of it that we can eat. 
 photo 13_zps1eaab12a.jpg
She even insists on cleaning the dishes and the kitchen after she is done.  She doesn't want us to mess up her routine. Neither Vanessa or I are complaining.  We can use all the help that we can get.
 photo 9_zps2cddf27d.jpg
I try to get home early enough to enjoy some time with my boys.  We play a little football and sometimes we end up playing a little water balloon fight afterwards.  Nothing makes me happier than having some play time with my boys.
 photo 10_zps5ed77317.jpg
Dinner was a quiet affair. Vanessa was talking to the kids and making sure they knew they were getting a little brother or sister.  Her due date was near and we were past the nesting phase.  I knew that she was getting anxious. When we had Giovanni and Lorenzo she wanted to make sure Jewel and Julian knew that they were still important to us.  She says this little speech and tells everyone how much we love them. If it helps calm her nerves, who am I stop them?
 photo 15_zpsd160e7a7.jpg
A few days later we rushed Vanessa to the hospital.  To our surprise she gave birth to triplets. I mean I was not expecting this at all.  I now am a father of seven. 
 photo 16_zps22d68da0.jpg
Our first triplet was a girl and we named her Carol.
 photo 17_zpsfcecd416.jpg
Our second was also a girl which we named Maggie.
 photo 18_zps61295c54.jpg
The last was a boy which we named Shane.  He is the baby of the family but is healthy as a horse. 
 photo 19_zpsf3516003.jpg

I got home from the hospital and Lorenzo was waiting for me in the babies room.  He asked me if we were going to have more babies and if it would be four next time. I told him that I would let him know.  I then told him that it was time for bed.  I looked at Lorenzo and was proud of my little family.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ch 10-Alfredo Barillas-When did my son become a little man?

Alfredo (37) his husband Merrill (42)
Their son Lestat (5)
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Narrated by:Alfredo
 photo 2_zps38f99713.jpg
We are still trying to get our lives on a standard schedule.  This is easier said than done when you have a toddler who is turning five. Did I mention that he is 5 going on 21?  Merrill is a great dad but lately he has been sleeping in while I get up to make Lestat breakfast.  I hate to admit it but I am glad that he is starting school soon.
 photo 3_zpsf6a7984a.jpg
Our son is turning 5. I cant believe it.  I still remember when he would cling to me and not want anyone to hold him. He sometimes didnt even let Merrill hold him.  My little baby is turning into a little man.
 photo 5_zps124e9c15.jpg
We invited my family which was no small feat.  My mom wanted me to invite everyone but I just dont have the space.  I guess I should have thought about having the party at the park versus here.
  photo 6_zps7d1c1b8f.jpg
Lauren made the trip to come and celebrate with us.  It was great to have her here.
 photo 7_zps2f691ddc.jpg
Shaila and Weldon came as well.  They decided to leave the triplets at home.  She is a great mom but sometimes I worry that she over protects them. 
 photo 8_zps7a2416b2.jpg
Merrill was hanging out with our niece Salma.  She keeps trying to win Merrill at Chess.  Either Dylan brings her here or we go to their house to visit. 
 photo 9_zps07ee5442.jpg
Dinner conversation flowed freely.  We were all catching up on the latest news in our lives. 
 photo 10_zps592e1bfe.jpg
I love seeing Lauren and her husband together.  The odds were against them but they prove us wrong every year they celebrate their anniversary.
 photo 11_zps58538165.jpg
My mom was happy to see all of us together.  We still struggle to make sure my younger siblings join our parties.  She was excited to come over with my mom and thought that our party was great.
 photo 13_zps6971d72c.jpg
Soon our party was over and the guests were beginning to go home. Lestat was too hyper from the cake to go to sleep but he knew he had to go to slee. 
 photo 15_zps7f15ccab.jpg
Once everything died down we talked about our future plans.  Lestat was getting older and we were both wondering if we were going to expand our family or not.  For now Merrill wants to wait until I can finish my bachelor's degree.  Its true I have been putting it on the back burner. 
 photo 16_zpsa8267412.jpg
I agreed that I wanted to wait until I completed school then we would revisit expanding our family.  Truth be told I feel we are a complete family unit as it is. 
 photo 17_zpsffb74c20.jpg

There was no time like the present to hit the books and get started on that degree. 
Author's note:
I liked bringing Alfredo's family to his home.  The truth is that their apartment is quite small.   I also wanted to address Lestat's dad's.  I use the hack that allows for my gay families to have their own children.  I don't want to deal with surrogates.  There will be updates where you will see the males pregnant...after all why shouldn't my simmies have their own biological kids?