Viramontes City

We are currently in Round 17, which is scheduled to end 2/17/15.
Round 16 finished 10.14.12
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Round 12 School Enrollment

Grammar school Students:
Julieta, Ramon, Raquel, Isaiah, Madison, Hitoshi, Kanji, Jada, Kameko, Cameron and Candice (Aged 5),Austin Victor, Salma and Lionel, Angel, Francisco Ismir III, Nevada, Sergio (aged 6), Taylor (aged 7), Naremi, Demetrius, Minor, Sebastian, Sarah, Kayla ,Phillip and Stewart (Aged 8), Darcy, David, Eugenio, Pearl, Mateo (aged 9), Sasha and Nicolas (10), Arthur (Aged 12)

High School Students:

Audrina, Lizandra, Lauren, Julio, August, Oscar Joshua III,