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Friday, October 31, 2014

Audrina Barillas- Ch 7- Better to let things flow than push them.

Audrina (31) 
Narrated by Audrina
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 photo 1_zps4751d422.jpg
Who ever said that working out was fun was literally on drugs.  I have decided to start working out to improve myself.  I am committed but its no fun at all.  I placed my bike in front of the window to see if I can at least day dream of my design career taking off.  If I dont day day dream I figured I can at least look at the cute guys that will pass by.
 photo 2_zps47d35741.jpg
After I stay on for an hour, I decide that its time for me to get ready for my date.  Yes I have decided to stay away from the drama and I am dating David Sator exclusively. I think we are both happy to have settled down somewhat.
 photo 3_zpsf8c36eed.jpg
I get down to the restaraunt and David is a little upset that I got there late. I apologized and told him that I was working out and lost track of time.  Usually he will tell me that I dont need to work out because I look great. Tonight he didn't reply and just smirked at me.  I guess he was really upset at me being tardy?
 photo 4_zpse23ded79.jpg
I told him to cheer up and to take a few pictures with me.  He said that he didnt want to but after a lot of begging on my part he agreed.  After we took the pictures, he said that he was ready to go. He didn't even wait for me to reply if i was ready to go. I told him that we should talk. He said that the was busy and had to leave.  I was wierded out by that but decided to give him the benfit of the doubt.  If he ever did that to me again it would definitely be over.
 photo 6_zps628e8141.jpg
Months passed by and I never heard from David again.  I was not one to hold on to someone that did not want to hold onto me.  I then decided that it was best for me to get out there and start dating again.  I met and fell instantly for Shea Johnston.  I dont know what it was about him but he is so hot.  We get along great and have been seeing each other for a few months now.  Who says that dating is not fun?
 photo 7_zpsa9573a33.jpg
We talk about our dreams and what we want to achieve.  He thought that I wanted to be a teacher.  As of now, I am a teacher's aide but my dream is to be come a fashion designer.  I have a few items out there but nothing to brag about.  He tells me that he sees me as a great designer.  I am grateful that he supports my dreams.
 photo 72_zps2b41408f.jpg
We really can not get enough of each other.  It is so much fun when we are out together. It's almost too painful to have him drop me off my house and he goes to his.
 photo 8_zpsf44aec7a.jpg
I did start my workout once again.  I had put it to the side because of Shea but I did want to lose a couple of pounds.
 photo 11_zps92dee7b9.jpg
Now Shea comes over to my apartment and he has even stayed over a couple of nights.  I love when he sleeps over. I sometimes want to tell him to move in but I do not want to rush. I want things to take their course.  In the past, I have been to eager and then I wind up hurt.  Shea knows how I feel about him so he will make a move when he feels it's the right time.
 photo 12_zps7c1e6360.jpg
Shea was over one night when the doorbell rang.  I was surprised to see it was my sister Lauren and Lizandra coming to visit me.  I was pleasantly surprised. Lauren was ecstatic that she was finally meeting the famous Shea.  She can be so embarrassing sometimes. 
 photo 13_zps8a126aa5.jpg
I whipped up a quick dinner and was hoping that nothing crazy was going to happen.  Oddly enough my family behaved and we didnt discuss anything too crazy.  Soon it was time for all of them to leave. I was hoping that Shea would stay that night. 
 photo 10_zps381c7d0d.jpg..
We went upstairs and started making out like crazy. 
  photo 15_zpsc62923e3.jpg

After we finished making love, he told me that he  loved me.  He said that he could not live with out me and for me to think about him moving in.  He also told me that if I preferred we could look for a place together.  I told him that I would think about it. He then hugged me close.  I closed my eyes and smiled and how wonderful my life is.

Author's note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Audrina got the ROS which is death by old age. I do not know what to make of it so I will use it as she will die of old age unless another ROS trumps this one. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Consuelo Barillas- Ch 17- empty nesters

Consuelo (54) her wife Maura (54)
 photo 1_zps5716786e.jpg
Narrated by Consuelo
 photo 2_zpsa35ee140.jpg
I am still trying to get some vegetables  out of this garden. Summer is almost over and I will be damned if I dont get at least one good tomato.
 photo 3_zpsedcadcbf.jpg
Maura says that we should hold a barbecue for the family to come over. Ever since we moved back into my parent's former home, we needed to make sure everyone would take part of our beach.  The real reason is that Maura was feeling lonely with our empty nest and wanted our kids to come home.
 photo 4_zps6146ef2f.jpg
Once she knew that I was on board with the idea she started cleaning like a maniac.  She loves having the kids home. If it were up to her she would have them all move back in with us permanently.
 photo 5_zps8b3eafb5.jpg
All of our kids came to our party.  Needless to say our party was a great success.
 photo 6_zps19b77d70.jpg
Audrina made the trip to come see us.  I noticed that she has been putting a little weight on.  I asked her if everything was okay and she said yes. 
 photo 8_zps56870e93.jpg
Maura outdid herself with lunch. We know that she is an aspiring chef but this meal made us want to support her achieving her dreams even more.
 photo 10_zpsa515286e.jpg
Soon it was time for people to start heading home.  Jacquelyn was one of the firsts to leave because she lives far.  I told her to make sure to come visit for us often.  She promised she would but I know her. She is busy trying to get her career up and running.
 photo 11_zpsd12668f8.jpg
After all was said and done we rested. I didnt even want to think about the mess that was left outside.  It was good to have everyone over.  Lets us rest.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Amarilis Barillas- Ch 17- New location and marital status

Amarilis (54) her girlfriend Meadow (54)
Their children living at home: Julieta, Ramon and Raquel (16)
 photo 1_zps05167b44.jpg
Narrated by Amarilis
 photo 3_zpscc06bd31.jpg
The kids were not happy when I told them that we had to move from Viramontes. You would think that it was the end of the world.  This move affects all of us but it is necessary for me to keep my current employment.  I tried to tell the kids that this move with benefits us but they just wanted to know why they would have to travel a long way to their high school.  I could have transferred them to a different school but decided against that.
 photo 4_zps08e5888a.jpg
Ramon finally gave in and the rest of his sibilings did too. I love how they think that they have a choice. There is no way that I was going to leave them with their sister. They were going to have to come with us whether they liked it or not.
 photo 5_zps8fd81d3e.jpg
Finally moving day was here.  I felt so sad leaving my house. I remember when Meadow and I chose this house.  We saw so many houses and my parents thought this was too big.  Then we had several children and at one point the house was too crowded. 

 photo 6_zpsc6efdb17.jpg
In the end, the house was just right.  I even started a garden which now I will not be able to watch.  The realtor said that the house would be on the market a short time.  I guess there are a lot of people moving into Viramontes recently.
  photo 7_zps0cde41bf.jpg
We took one last look at our house. It is such a beautiful house.
  photo 10_zps7e1a6ae0.jpg
We moved to Colorado Springs. The highschool team there needed a coach that was willing to take them to the next level. I was not that excited to go but I was to told to either go there or be out of a job.  When my employer put it like that I decided to pack up.  Meadow supported my decision. She didn't mind driving to Viramontes since she had to take the kids back and forth to school. 
  photo 12_zpse8b741d7.jpg
My employer also offered to put a down payment on the house in Colorado Springs if I allowed them to choose it.  I didnt see the harm in that so I let them choose.  The first thing I did was be grateful that there was a little piece of land that I could cultivate my garden in.  Meadow knew I didnt like the house we were given and came out to help me start my garden.
  photo 8_zps52037ff1.jpg
I mean that the house was hideous. The wall paper and furniture alone was enough to stop anybody from buying this house.  I knew right away that we were going to invest money in revamping the furniture and the wall paper through out the house. I mean really who uses this much wall paper?
  photo 9_zps1833112c.jpg
I also had another idea that I wanted Meadow on board with.  She was shocked when I asked her to marry me here in our new home.  We have lived together for so many years and we never talked about marriage. It just seemed like a piece of paper that we didnt need to prove that we loved each other. I still felt that way but suddenly I wanted her and I to be married. She was surprised and said, "yes".  Of course she will deny it but I did see a twinkle in her eye.  She was even happy that we were going to surprise everyone with our marriage.
  photo 13_zps8ce69155.jpg
We invited my whole family to come out to Colorado Springs to our "house warming party".  They all came and it was great to see my family 
  photo 21_zps8c82f2d1.jpg
When the time came we announced that we were getting married.  Everyone just stared at us and then started applauding.  We didnt want a big fancy party.  It was great just having our family around us. 
  photo 17_zpsbc49b87d.jpg
We exchanged rings and like that we were spouses. 
  photo 20_zps598dd1af.jpg
Our kids were shocked.  Ian, my brother was still surprised by the fact that I got married.  He kept asking me if I was sure. I mean I have been with Meadow for over twenty years. I think we were sure about getting married.
  photo 21_zps8c82f2d1.jpg

I managed to get a moment outside with Meadow. I told her how much I loved her and how she and our kids meant the world to me. I wanted to make sure that she knew that this piece of paper was just icing on the cake.  My Meadow knew that and was happy as a clam for us to be married.

Author's note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • ROS hit this household.  Their ROS was to move to another location due to job relocation.  It was hard moving them out of Viramontes. They had lived there for so long. 
  • Once they moved into their new house they rolled the want of being married. I had forgotten that they were not married. I even had to research in my "records" and my older blog to see if perhaps I had missed it.  Imagine my surprise when I find out that they are truly not married. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oscar Barillas- Retirement is on its way.

Oscar (52) his wife Brandi (52)
parents of: Oscar Joshua and Melody Sofia
  photo 1a_zpsf7a7ef78.jpg
Narrated by Oscar Simon.
 photo 1_zpse2b09c31.jpg
Brandi and I have been doing some remodeling to our summer vacation home.  Brandi got some time off so we booked a trip to Tikki Islands to check our the additions to our home.  Brandi was all for it but she also wanted to check in with Joshua to see how married life was treating him.  I told her we needed to give him space.
 photo 2_zps516f3dc1.jpg
She agreed but made me promise that we would have dinner with them when we returned.  I told her that we would.  Also who did she think would check in our dog while we were on vacation.
 photo 3_zpse3b9d02f.jpg
the only thing with travelling to Tikki is that the best flights are very early. Sometimes I dont want to take the long trip but at the end its all worth it.
 photo 4_zps74302878.jpg
Our house looked amazing.  We could not be happier!  I have to admit I was worried investing money and seeing a few emails here and there.  There is no comparison with seeing it in person.
 photo 5_zps1a779d91.jpg
We expanded the pool and we enlarged and added another bedroom.  We wanted to make sure that we had space for our kids and their growing families 
 photo 6_zps7e02b344.jpg
I loved having Brandi here.  As much as we loved Viramontes we would fantasized about living here full time. She would love to retire already but she still worries that Melody Sofia still being single. I myself am not ready to retire either.  I think in a few years our nest egg will be just right and we can retire. For now it is back to reality we go.
 photo 8_zps2e01871c.jpg
When we got home Joshua and Ava were waiting for us.  Joshua was worried that he didn't reach us for a few days.  I thought it was a little exaggerated but Brandi thought it was so cute. I had to gently remind Joshua that I was the parent and that he needed t cool his jets.
 photo 7_zps1bbb5a4f.jpg
I guess married life was going great for Joshua.  He also announced that Ava was pregnant. I was happy that the heir was now secured.  Oscar the IV was hopefully going to be born soon.  Brandi reminded me that the baby could also be a girl.  Either way I was happy to be a grand parent.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dominica Dominguez- Ch 7- Motherhood is trying to kill me.....

Dominica (30) her husband Jeff (30)
Their Children: Jeffrey Ocatavius, Kadijah, Kyle, Raygene (2).
 photo 1_zps0131567c.jpg
Narrated by: Dominica
 photo 2_zps38bbd5c9.jpg
These children want to kill me. I am totally convinced.  Jeff doesnt think so but he gets the opportunity to leave for work while I stay with the kids.  Lately I have been second guessing my choice of being a stay at home mom. 
 photo 3_zps9d39d27d.jpg
Potty training has been the worse. I think these kids will never go to the bathroom on their own.  I have tried everything and they still don't use the potty. 
 photo 5_zps49e7ef19.jpg
I started turning my tiredness and crabiness towards Jeff.  He surprised me one day by dressing up for work then announcing that he was not going to work. I was surprised. He told me to leave everything and he would take care of the kids.
 photo 6_zps4fc4ce3d.jpg
I could hear Kadijah screaming but refused to get up.  I wanted Jeff to get a taste of what my days are like. 
 photo 4_zpsd4f48995.jpg

I could not believe how fast I fell asleep. It was the best knowing that the kids were taken care of.
 photo 7_zpsa6b867d5.jpg
Soon I got up and looked at the little sleeping faces.  Jeff told me that I literally slept the whole day.  I helped him put Kadijah and Raygene to sleep. 
 photo 9_zps736eab36.jpg
After that day Jeff talked with his boss and he went part time. He has helped me out a lot. Now I actually have time to enjoy being a mom.  Sure it is still overwhelming but having Jeff here helps a lot.
 photo 10_zpscc9cdaec.jpg
Being busy with my family I havent had time to check in with my moms.  My moms are not doing great.  They have to move out of their home into an apartment and begin to pay back their debt.  My mom still has not found a job and my other mom is jobless as well.  I don't know what they are going to do. I feel helpless but at the same time do not know how I can help.  My mom suggested maybe taking in a couple of my siblings but I don't like the idea of splitting them up. 
 photo 11_zpsbcb23faf.jpg
Jeff knew there was something on when I sat down to dinner. I told hm what was going on and he said that if I wanted to that we could have everyone move here temporarily.  I felt so happy that he said that but the house would literally be too crowded.  We would have to come up with an alternative plan.