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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oscar Maximo Barillas IV

 photo 18_zps410c6fc7.jpg
Name:Oscar Barillas IV
Age: Newborn
Parents: Oscar Joshua III and Ava White-Barillas
Sibilings: none
Previous Employment: n/a
Business Owned: n/a
Lifetime Want:
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ch. 17- The world is crashing around us.

Otani(43), his spouse Shelby (41)
Their children: Angel, Ismir, Nevada, Sergio (16)
 photo 1_zps254d13d5.jpg
Narrated by: Shelby
 photo 2_zpsc1d5d7aa.jpg
Sometimes its so hard for us to get the kids up and ready for school.  They are almost Seniors but they dont act  like it.  Sometimes I wonder if they are even going to go to college.  If it takes me so much to get them up now imagine when they are away at college?!
Sergio has been having a more difficult time lately. He is always waking up with headaches and I keep asking if he wants to go to the doctor.  Otani seems to think that its the late nights that get to him. 
 photo 5_zps15d8e4d9.jpg
But he is one of my babies so I worry about him.  Until he tells me that he ready to go to the doctor I just hug him and tell him its going to be alright.
 photo 6_zps062f6222.jpg
I finally had enough when everyone started getting sick. I am not sure if it is the allergies but even Otani has the sniffles. I made an appointment with the doctor quickly. Lucky I got an appointment quickly.
 photo 7_zpsa6c89f8a.jpg
I did not get any enthusiastic responses when I announced that we were going to the doctor.  You would swear that I was talking to little kids and not budding adults.
 photo 9_zps857c33af.jpg
Dr. Behal was there and all of a sudden he told me that he needed to talk to us as soon as possible.  Otani and I were worried because we could tell there was something wrong.  Our hearts fell when he told us that Sergio was gravely ill.  He had to stay admitted for a few days for him to run some tests.  I did not like this at all and Otani was freaking out.
 photo 10_zps7e2b098d.jpg
Otani went to tell the rest of the family that Sergio was going to stay admitted for a few days. I couldnt nor did I want to move from Sergio's side. It broke my heart to see my baby just laying there.
 photo 12_zpsbe578c75.jpg
Everyone was so supportive and scared at the same time.  We had to hold it together for Sergio.  We were here for him and we were not going to let him see that we were nervous. 
 photo 13_zps25fbf4b1.jpg
Sergio did manage to get up after a few days but the lab reports were not that great. For now we are waiting to see what are treatment options are.  Otani refused to tell the kids.  We dont want to burden them with this information.  I agree because we dont know what exactly is going on.
 photo 14_zpse394fa4c.jpg
Ethan came to the house to see if there was anything he could do.  Otani is not handling the pressure that good and I need him to because I am fringing at the edges myself.  we were notified that Sergio has an inoperable head tumor and he would need treatment.  it looked like it was aggressive and Dr. Behal could not tell us how much longer Sergio had to live.  How do we as parents deal with this?  Ethan was speechless and Otani was worse.
 photo 16_zps373e2028.jpg
I wish I could tell Otani it will all be OK but the truth is that its not....It really is not...
author's note: this is totally ROS! I did not want Sergio to get sick but yet this is what ROS is for right? 

Austin Miguel Dominguez- Ch 12-A new home to fill with our love.

Austin Miguel (43) his wife Kea(40)
their Children: Austin Victor (16), Venizio (8)
  photo 1_zps64b99d58.jpg
Narrated by Austin Miguel
 photo 2_zpsb9b9279a.jpg
Kea and I have decided to start looking for a vacation home.  Now that Victor is going away to college we will not have the leisure to vacation whenever we want.  It has always been a dream for me to own a vacation home so its exciting to begin the search.
 photo 8_zpsc2c99d7e.jpg
After several months, we found one listing in Tikki Islands that caught my eye.  Kea and I decided to take a quick trip out there to look at it.  After all we wanted this to be a surprise for the kids.
 photo 7_zps241157c2.jpg
We didnt take too long and decided to take it. The living room looked nice and neat.  Kea and I agreed put a few furnishings in before we had to fly back.   
 photo 5_zpsd57a1f75.jpg
We left the kitchen as is.  I didnt want to spend too much money.
 photo 6_zpsaa3966a2.jpg
The dinning room was a great size.  We even decided to put a small table there to finish giving this house a nice lived in feel.
 photo 4_zps6416878d.jpg
Kea and I are so happy with our new purchase. I love my wife so much. She even asked if Africa would ever consider moving there for a year while they get their finances together.  I loved the thought but in truth there is not much to do on this island unless you are networked correctly. I don't think it would be beneficial in the long run.  I know that they need help but we also cant stop living because Africa and Laci have not managed their finances correctly.  We cant wait to get home and pack up the kids for vacation before Victor goes off to college.

Juno Leopardi-Ch 17- Love is in the air

Juno (45) her girlfriend, Viola (42)
Kids: Phillip and Stewart (18), Cristina, Hugo, Lewis and Othaniel (8)
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_1ec0c76d_zps1edfce76.jpg
Narrated by: Phillip
 photo 3_zps68a752d7.jpg
Phillip and I have noticed that mom is happier than ever.  I think that she is really happy with Viola.  There has not been an official announcement but we know that mom is definitely in love.  Its great to hear her hum while she is getting breakfast ready.
 photo 1_zps99fc9825.jpg
I went into the kitchen and yes mom definitely is happier. 
 photo 2_zpsb2da4624.jpg
It hasnt been easy but we all have pitched in to make our home life easier.  Stewart has decided to not go to college at this moment.  I on the other hand have decided to attend school online. Its not the greatest but it is the only option that I have now.
 photo 4_zpsa77f2a6c.jpg
My mom is not the only one trying her hand at love.  Stewart has been getting haircuts very regularly in hopes of asking out a young lady Barbara Kim.  I don't know if his stylist will give him the look needed to get Barbara to notice but any little bit helps.
 photo 5_zpsb99c6d5e.jpg
I on the other hand have had a little success.  I went out with Talin Deppiesse and had a lot of fun. We did the karaoke thing and I have to admit I sing pretty good.  OK OK.. I dont but one can dream right?  Talin was not too turned off with my singing.
 photo 6_zpsbedaac1a.jpg
I guess it did help because Barbara stopped by to visit.  You could see that Stewart was so nervous. I told him to relax because I don't know about dating women but I know that no date likes a nervous Nelly.  Mom even met Barbara and took it easy on her.  yet another reinforcement that mom is in love herself. I guess the Leopardi household is the house of love for now. 

Africa Dominguez-12- Forced to change.

Africa (46), Laci(46)
Kids: Amin, Caleb, Kenya and Sahara (9), Anne, Ellen, Myra and Ryan (6)
 photo 1_zps034bb610.jpg
Narrated by:Africa
 photo 2_zpsc8d374ae.jpg
Laci and I have been to court so many times that we are actually tired of going to court. For now we are going to be allowed to stay in the home due to our kids.  The judge felt that it would interrupt too much.  The truth is we have to sell this home and we have to sell it now. Laci does not feel that we are ever going to be able to get out of this rut. It hurts when the person that you love does not support you as you support them. I Laci is worried but we have to take it one step at a time.
 photo 5_zpsb7fdd607.jpg
The best thing is that the kids do not really know what is going on.  They do see the boxes appearing here and there.  Laci is doing her best to not interrupt their lives too much.
 photo 6_zps4e002885.jpg
Austin called today and told me that he had the final judgment today from court.  I know my brother has helped me out a lot during this process.  Before he came over I put the kids to sleep.  They are so small and innocent. It breaks my heart that we are going through this right now.
 photo 7_zpsdd03ff0f.jpg
Austin told me that we have to move as soon as possible. He is unable to help me any more than he has already has. I thought that we would be able to sell the home ourselve but that is not the case.  Austin said the bank gave us three months to move or be thrown out of the property.
 photo 3_zpsa5cf243c.jpg
I told Laci when I got upstairs and she could not stop crying.  I think the best way would be to ask Dominica if she could put us up for a while. Laci does not want to burden Dominica but at this time we need help and fast.  It would mean moving from Viramontes but we need a new start.
 photo 4_zps26fa8d06.jpg
Atani and Asia came by to see if there was anything else they could do but they quickly realized that the judge's decision was final.  Asia is worried and even offered to take one set of quads while we settle in.  Laci is against that so I knew that was not an option.  It is going to be hard but I still have to get Dominica to agree to help us out too.   I never thought that I would be here at this stage of my life.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ch 12- Asia Dominguez- Some things are best not planned.

Asia (46), Vincent (49), Naremi (18), Paul and Simon (8)
 photo 1_zpsd3770b9c.jpg
Narrated by Asia
 photo 2_zpsf5c3d8b9.jpg
Naremi to my dismay has decided not to go to college. I really tried to get her to go for me but she said she was not interested.  I am not going to lie that I am disapppointed but what else could I do?  So for now she is going to live at home until she saves enough to move out.
 photo 3_zpsb202565f.jpg
Vincent has been working with the boys to work on their discipline.  It makes me sad when Vincent is tough on them but I know its for their own good. 
 photo 42_zpsacdf55b5.jpg
With Naremi being 18 she thinks that she is all set to go out when she wants.  I told her to slow down a bit.  As of now she is dating a young man named Goopy Shankel.  I dont know what she sees in him but I am ready to offer my advice if asked.
 photo 52_zpsbe44ddf3.jpg
the tension in our family has been high with all the issues with Africa's financial future.  I can't believe that Africa is in the predicament that she is. Because of this I have decided to host a family dinner to try to get the family reunited. I hope that this is a step towards a new direction.
 photo 6_zps765cf775.jpg
Suki came but her husband, Toby decided not to come. We were all talking and I think Africa realizes that we are here to help her as much as we can.  I think we are finally headed to a good placed.
 photo 7_zps24e2abd3.jpg
In the midst of trying to get my family together, I found out that I was pregnant.  It was a total shock because we had stopped trying. We really didn't think that I would get pregnant.  Vincent is ecstatic about our news.
 photo 8_zpse37c62d3.jpg
It did not take long for my pregnancy to take it's toll. I was tired once I got to my second term. Poor Vincent tried to make sure that he was home early enough to help out around the house. As much as he tried there were days where he would still come home late.
 photo 9_zps6547e5f8.jpg
But when Vincent did come early it was great because he kept Paula nd Simon busy.  As of now he wants to teach them how to play the bass. I am not sure how dedicated the boys are to their new music lessons.
 photo 10_zps041f519d.jpg
Finally it was time for me to go to the hospital to give birth to the new addition to our family. Naremi made sure to have a few days off.  Vincent and I went and were surprised a few hours later to welcome not one but three new additions. No wonder I was always tired, I was pregnant with triplets. We named them Marilu, Barnett and Penelope.  I cant wait to get home and decorate their nursery. 

Penelope Guevara

 photo 13_zpsd7b282ab.jpg
Name: Penelope Guevara
Age: Newborn
Parents: Asia Domiguez-Guevara and Vincent Guevara
Sibilings: Naremi Paul, Simon,Marilu and Barnett
Previous Employment: n/a
Business Owned: n/a
Lifetime Want:
Last updated Round 17

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maggie Barillas

 photo 17_zpsfcecd416.jpg
Name: Maggie Barillas
Age: Newborn
Parents: Carson and Vanessa Barillas
Siblings: Jewel, Julian, Giovanni, Lorenzo, triplet siblings-Carol, Shane
Previous Employment: n/a
Business Owned: n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last updated Round 17

Shane Barillas

 photo 18_zps61295c54.jpg
Name: Shane Barillas
Age: Newborn
Parents: Carson and Vanessa Barillas
Siblings: Jewel, Julian, Giovanni, Lorenzo, triplet siblings-Carol, Maggie
Previous Employment: n/a
Business Owned: n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last updated Round 17

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marcos Barillas- Ch 12- Death by term paper.

Marcos (45)Renee (36)
Children: Germelo and Anai (7), Brett, Jordan and Showban (2).
David, Pearla, Eugenio, Mateo (18)
Narrated by Renee

We have no times to ourselves. As much as Marcos and I want to just be alone it feels as though we are surrounded by kids.  Don't get me wrong I love my kids but with me trying to finish my master's it is getting a little difficult.  Marcos has decided to be more proactive in handling the kids more so that I can finish school.
Marcos loves being outside with the kids and trust me they dont mind at all.  My step kids have stopped coming around as much.  They are older and I think they have their lives set up more with their mom than here with us.  Afterall we live pretty far away for them to drive over here. I think this is hurting Marcos.  I know he wants all of his kids here but what can we do?  I want them here too but I understand that they are teenagers with budding social lives.  Marcos on the other hand fears that his older kids will not bond with our children if they dont socialize.
as for me, my socializing is limited. I am almost done with this master's and I do not want to do another paper again.  Did I mention how tired I am? eek.