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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jacquelyn Barillas- Ch. 3 Slowly but surely.

Jacquelyn (31), her wife Opal (29)
their daughter, Helen (10)
Narrated by Jacquelyn
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 photo 1_zpsa82ace76.jpg
I have worked on myself a lot lately and have decided to put my miscarriage behind me.  I was really wrecked knowing that I had lost our baby.  Opal suggested that I go to see someone but I asked her for a little bit more time before I decided on seeking therapy.  As far as trying again,  we have decided that if it happens then it happens. 
 photo 2_zps64d86e51.jpg
Helen knows what happened and is still processing it.  Before she used to ask when we were going to give her a little brother or sister and now she no longer does that. 
 photo 3_zps6fbb5be1.jpg
One of my methods to stop thinking about this is to finish my college degree.  Opal decided to start it the same time that I did.  I thought she was going to get motivated and decided to put it off for now.  As for me I wanted to finish this if it was the last thing I accomplish. 
 photo 4_zps94ad6b27.jpg
After my intense study sessions, I crawl in bed and fall instantly asleep. 
 photo 5_zpsee2a44a0.jpg
Helen has a few days off of school and loves her new doll house we got her. She loves spending hours playing.
 photo 6_zps5f404294.jpg
Once she hears that Opal has come home she runs to meet her. I am glad to see that my family is finally getting back to normal.
 photo 7_zps6a9b239b.jpg
I finally finished my degree and took the opportunity to ask Opal what she thought.  Opal told me that she would get around it soon.  I told her that it would be good for us financially.  She also agreed.  I still didn't see her pick up a book but at least its on her mind. I hope that Helen is inspired to go to college and does not take the long road like we are taking regarding school.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sabrina Maguire

  photo 13_zps7a41f7de.jpg
Name: Sabrina Maguire
Generation: 2
Age: newborn
Parents: MacKenzie Maguire and Carter Maguire
Sibilings: twin sister Karina
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated: Round 17

Karina Maguire

  photo 12_zpsd80e92e8.jpg

Name: Karina Maguire
Generation: 2
Age: newborn
Parents: MacKenzie Maguire and Carter Maguire
Sibilings: twin sister Sabrina
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated: Round 17

Mackenzie Maguire Ch 3- Hating the bed

Mackenzie (28) her husband Carter (31)
Narrated by MacKenzie
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 photo 1_zps13c3abe9.jpg
I am happy that I finally announced my pregnancy to my best friends.  Carter and I were ecstatic to become parents. 
 photo 2_zps435a814c.jpg
Soon the happiness turned to worry.  I almost miscarried twice and the doctor said that I needed to be placed on immediate bed rest.  Carter was so worried that I was not going to carry to full term. I on the other hand blamed myself for working too hard. 
 photo 3_zps7e8d770e.jpg
Emma found out about my miscarriage scare that she rushed over and promised to be by my side.  I told her that there was no need but on the other hand I was happy to have some company. Carter was busy teaching and with midterms coming up he was busier than ever.
 photo 4_zps0757610f.jpg
Emma was the best nurse anyone could ask for.  She made sure that I was fed at all times.  I was so grateful for her company.
 photo 5_zps3bcf5ec7.jpg
Soon Laurel also came to make sure I was doing OK.  Parker had just given birth so she was not going out at all.  I have to admit that having heard Parker's birthing story, I was scared about giving birth.  Laurel told me not to worry because she gave birth to twins and there was no issue.  Emma also told me that everything would be fine.
 photo 6_zps41e095a9.jpg
Laurel was getting to leave to attend to her twins but offered to prepare some fabulous food.  Emma and I ate contently.  We talked, laughed and enjoyed dinner.
 photo 7_zps6ffa5d21.jpg
Carter came home and loved the food he was smelling.  At first he was worried that I was cooking but was relieved to see it was Laurel baking our dinner.
 photo 8_zps3d08932f.jpg
The rest of my pregnancy Carter made sure that he did not bother me. I had to threaten him so that he would sleep in the same bed as me.  As far as making love that was out of the question. He was so worried that I was going to lose our babies.  We found out that I am having twins.  This was a big cause of my struggles with my pregnancy.
 photo 9_zps20fd624c.jpg
I had to sit Carter down and affirm that the doctor finally released me off of bed rest.   Carter seemed to relax a little more. I was thinking about opening the studio to snap a few shots.  Carter did now want me to but I told him that I was itching to do something other than lay around all day. 
 photo 10_zps82388bf1.jpg
I managed to get a few photo sessions under my belt.  It was good to feel alive again.  I was now enjoying being pregnant.  Carter just looked forward to me giving birth and being totally free.
 photo 11_zps9afe630a.jpg
I went into labor one afternoon in the studio. I was almost full term so I did not panic too much.  The girls rushed over to take me to the hospital.
I gave birth to two beautiful girls.
 photo 12_zpsd80e92e8.jpg
We named our first born, Karina.
 photo 13_zps7a41f7de.jpg
Our second daughter is named Sabrina. 

 photo 14_zps625a80ba.jpg
Carter and I could not be happier.  We had beautiful baby girls and it was wonderful having them in our lives.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Murray Malcolm Kavanaugh II

 photo 10_zps5c565190.jpg
Name: Murray Malcolm II
Generation: 2
Age: new born
Parents: Parker Brown-Kavanaugh and Malcolm Kavanaugh
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated: Round 17

Parker Brown-Kavanaugh ch 3- Happier than most.

Parker (28) her husband Malcolm (30)
Narrated by Parker
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 photo 1_zpseb1fbf9c.jpg
I invited the girls over so that they can look at the new office space. This space is intended for everyone to use but I have found that I am the only one that uses it.  I called the meeting into order if not we would just spend our time gossiping and not looking at our business financials.  As a wedding planning company we were doing quite well for ourselves.  Business was up and that was a good thing.  I as much as the girls was ready for the business aspect of our meeting to be over with.
 photo 2_zpsd1592d94.jpg
Once I called the meeting to a close, the girls seemed to sigh of relief.  They know that they do not want to be the one  to handle the business aspect of our business.  It was after I was done that MacKenzie announced that she too was pregnant. She was a couple of months behind me.  We all smiled. Laurel said that Delaney and Jack thought we girls had planned getting pregnant around the same time. 
 photo 3_zps86fd0640.jpg
I was so happy for MacKenzie.  I knew she has been trying and finally they were successful.  It seemed that all of us indeed were going to join the mom club this year.
 photo 4_zpsbc922b18.jpg
MacKenzie rubbed my baby bump and said that soon we all would be able to rub hers. We were all so excited with the news. 
 photo 6_zps88f38baf.jpg
Malcolm has been working hard in his shop trying to make sure that he rebuilds cars quickly and sells them. I have been asking him to slow down a bit but he refuses to do so. 
 photo 7_zpse086db78.jpg
He gets so happy when he manages to sell a car. I just hope that his business continues to pick up. 
 photo 8_zps5467d036.jpg
He finally manages to slow down a bit when Delaney and Laurel come over.  We have a pond in back of our property and they seem to try to out do each other.  I tried to get Laurel to hang out with me but she said she would not be outdone by the boys.  I let her enjoy that one on her own. 
 photo 9_zps5357f7f2.jpg
When I finally gave birth it was a blessing. I had the worst child birthing experience. If I never had another child again  I would be happy.  Malcolm looked sad when I told him this but for now I was happy with our son.
 photo 10_zps5c565190.jpg
We named our son Murray Malcolm II. He is the best thing that I have ever done with my life. Malcolm is ecstatic that we are now parents.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Parker Joel Brown

 photo 6_zpsff8af95d.jpg
Name: Parker Joel Brown
Age: newborn
Parents: Laurel and Delaney Brown
Sibilings: Twin sister, Marianne Sole
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated Round 17

DeLaney Brown Ch 3- Business is booming.

Delaney (32) his wife Laurel (28)
Narrated by Laurel
last update/next update
 photo 1_zps9848f38a.jpg
It feels so good to sleep in with Delaney.  I am almost due and we are trying to enjoy what little peace and quiet we have before our twins get here..  Yes I am expecting twins.  Ever since we found out we are having twins, Delaney has been super cautious about everything that I do. 
 photo 2_zps5eb02eae.jpg
He started coming home early from the lawfirm and helping me get my orders out.  I was surprised when I started seeing him more and more in the shop.  Then it hit me that he does it so I do not overwork myself.  He is so good to me.
 photo 3_zps5a0f61ae.jpg
I still do all the cooking because no offense to my honey but he is not a good cook. I do not want my customers angry because the food starts tasting differently. 
 photo 4_zps2e0dfa69.jpg
Now that winter is here I have more than plenty of customers that come in to buy a quick meal.  I have expanded my business to include daily meals and not just bakery goods.
 photo 5_zps19710a37.jpg
After a long night at work I was not feeling good and I told Delaney that it was time to go to the hospital.  My husband is usually poised and in control but I could tell that he was near a panic attack.  I instructed for him to get my bag and take me to the car.
 photo 6_zpsff8af95d.jpg
It was a normal birth and I gave birth to a son which we named, Parker Joel.
  photo 7_zps603d5af6.jpg
and a beautiful daughter which we named, Marianne Sole. 
 photo 8_zps5514a332.jpg
We both decided to close the shop for at least a month. Parker understood and did not question how much business we would be losing. I know this is because she herself will also be a mom soon.  If it werent for that Parker would be so upset at the loss of revenue.
 photo 9_zpsf6dc788e.jpg
Delaney made sure to call everyone over to see the new babies.  It was about time for our closest family and friends to come over to meet the new additions.
 photo 10_zpsa75d69df.jpg
Jack and Emma were first to arrive and were soon followed by the others.  Jack has been covering for Delaney and offered to cover more if need be.  This was one of the perks of owning your own lawfirm.
 photo 11_zpsf70ccea0.jpg
Parker came over and was so happy to see that we were doing well.  She also was honored that her nephew was also named Parker. 
 photo 12_zps164b5695.jpg
Emma hugged me so hard and asked if there was anything that she could do for us. I told her that we were fine and there was no need for herself to be putting herself out like that.  
 photo 13_zps03915a76.jpg
We all sat down to eat breakfast.  I noticed that Malcolm was not present.  Parker told me that he had some business to attend to and he would stop by later if he could.  MacKenzie also called saying that she and Carter would be coming later as well. 
 photo 14_zps619719be.jpg
We were all enjoying our breakfast when we started talking about our kids.  Emma announced that she and Jack were going to try to have another baby now that Brody was 2  Delaney also said that we were going to try as well. I gave him such a look.  I wanted to enjoy my babies without thinking about having another.  Emma chuckled because she knew I felt overwhelmed with two.  I could not even think about having another baby now.  I told Delaney he needed to slow down.  Delaney smiled and said he just got caught up in the baby talk.  I hope so because two babies as enough, at least for now.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Deeba Shalo- Ch 3- The truth comes to light.

Deeba(22) , Ted Chin her finacee(22)
narrated by Deeba
last update/next update
 photo 2_zpsdeecbea8.jpg
Ted and I decided to move to Colorado Springs.  We picked out a quaint little place and we decided that we were going to make this our home.  I was so happy that we were going to start our life together.
 photo 3_zps3c780f0f.jpg
I managed to convince Ted that we should have a simple wedding ceremony.  He asked about my family but I told him that they were travelling and would not be able to make it. I did think about how hurt Lakshmi and Raj would be.  I would have told them but they along with my parents want me to marry a nice Indian boy.  Ted would not be accepted into our family.  I wanted to spare him and I did not want to be forced to do anything I did not want to do.  Basically I didnt want to feel guilty about my love for Ted.
 photo 4_zps120c8cdd.jpg
The day I became Mrs. Chin I was so happy.  The weather was perfect and I looked at Ted and saw our life full of happiness. 
 photo 5_zps7c85ace2.jpg
Instead of a honeymoon, we decided to save money. I also needed to find a job and pronto.  Ted is an architect and told me that there was no rush for me to find a job. 
 photo 6_zpsa1b5f8a7.jpg
I have been contemplating going for my master's but have decided against it.  While I was at the computer, I decided to check my email. This is when I noticed my sister had emailed me several times asking where I was living.  I then knew she had found out that I had graduated and moved out of university.
 photo 7_zps3facadd1.jpg
I did feel guilty about not letting my sister know where I was. I emailed her. I figured she should know that I was OK.  I just wanted to live a little bit more in my nice secluded world.  Soon I would have to face the truth and tell Lakshmi and Raj that I was in deed a married woman.
 photo 8_zps702b86ec.jpg
I was at home one evening when I received a surprise call from Raj.  I know he is very well connected so I was not surprised that he found me.  He asked me if I was OK. I told him that I was and then he proceeded to tell me how irresponsible I had been to make him and my sister worry.  After a long conversation he seemed subdued.  I promised I would go to their house and visit soon.  Right when I was finishing my phone call Ted came home and started inquiring who I was speaking to.  I told him it was Raj and Ted did not ask any more question.  Suddenly I felt a lot of pressure on me to tell Ted.  I had to come up with a plan to tell him about my family and my family about Ted.
 photo 10_zpse4dd484e.jpg
Before he started asking too many questions, I quieted him by kissing him. That soon turned into passionate lovemaking.  I secretly hoped that I would get pregnant each time we made love. So far we have not been successful.

 photo 13_zpsda51c63b.jpg
A few weeks later I was cleaning, when I heard a knock on my door. I was so shocked when I saw Lakshmi at my front door.  I had told her my address but I did not think that she would show up unannounced and unescorted by Raj. 
 photo 14_zps4b396d3c.jpg
I was surprised and she asked me if I was going to leave her standing outside.  I invited her inside to my apartment. The truth that I was hiding was about to get exposed. 
 photo 15_zpsba79e882.jpg
Lakshmi had so many questions that I interrupted her and told her that I was married.  She freaked out and didn't want to accept my marriage. 
 photo 16_zpsc91cf1c1.jpg
She started saying that our parents would be so disappointed.  I told her that I was happy and I wanted to be with Ted. I started crying and I started telling her everything and how it happened.
 photo 17_zpsb61fd0af.jpg
She hugged me and told me that there was nothing that we could not fix.  I told her that I was sorry but I didn't plan on falling in love at school. I loved Ted and he is my life.
 photo 18_zpsaf7eaa03.jpg
We sat down and I had just finished my story when Ted Arrived.  He was surprised to see that we had a guest.  He apologized for his appearance and said he would change and come back.  I saw his face as he left and I could tell he was confused.
 photo 19_zps74ad2784.jpg
When he came back, Lakshmi starting inquiring why he would marry me without meeting her family.  Ted told her that he was not aware they were not travelling.  I could tell that Ted was getting annoyed at being accused of not respecting our family values.
 photo 20_zps303ff6ba.jpg
He was so confused. and I got up to sort it all out when my brother-in-law Raj came in.  I knew things were going to get worse.  To my surprise Raj was calm about the whole thing.
 photo 21_zps2b3a03db.jpg
He introduced himself to Ted and he told him who he and Lakshmi were.  Ted was so shocked.
 photo 22_zpsef426b58.jpg
Raj told him that I needed to come clean to everyone about the lie of my life.  Ted and him talked for hours and then Raj said they had to go home to their children.  Ted was gracious and said goodbye. 
 photo 11_zps0001aa84.jpg
That night Ted told me that he was so hurt that I could not trust him by telling him about my traditions, my life and my strict family.  I tried to get him to see things my way but he was having a hard time doing so.  He told me that he couldn't lie to me.  He felt like our whole relationship was a lie and he needed some time to think about it. I was so scared about what he meant by, "needing time to think".
 photo 9_zps96d43507.jpg
As time passed by, things between us got worse.  We were not communicating at all anymore. I finally had enough and told him that we needed to talk this out.  He said that he felt as if he married a stranger.  He didnt feel like he could deal with starting a life out of lies. 
 photo 25_zps4074fbdb.jpg
We argued for days.  It got really horrible. I wanted him to rely on our love. I wanted him to tell me that he was there to support me no matter what. I know I was wrong but I had repented. 
 photo 27_zps80b3727b.jpg
Finally he told me he had enough and wanted to separate to think about this without me cluttering his thoughts. I told him that if he walked out that door it was so over. I was not one who wanted to play around with my marriage.
 photo 26_zps7e6bc644.jpg
He told me that he was leaving and he wanted to end this marriage.  I pushed and he finally made the decision to leave. 
 photo 28_zpsabb3c153.jpg
The day he left my life went with him. I could not believe that my life had turned upside down so fast.  I felt that Ted and I were really over.  I was so upset. I honestly do not know what in the world I am going to do.

Author's note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I hated the ending of this story.  This is totally ROS. When one of my sims gets married, I roll a di to see what the outcome would be.  She rolled separation.  The second di I rolled gives me when it will happen, for example will it happen this "season", next , etc.  for Deeba it rolled this season.  I will elaborate more in the next chapter. 

Thank you for reading!