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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ankur Behal

  photo 4_zps25e32e52.jpg
Name: Ankur Behal
Generation: 2
Age: Newborn
Parents: Raj and Lakshmi Beahl
Sibilings: Imran
Personality: n/a
Previous Employment:n/a
Business Owned:n/a
Lifetime Want:n/a
Last Updated:17

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Raj Behal- Ch 4- Our family is growing.

Raj (29), his wife Lakshmi (24)
Their son, Imran (5)
Narrated by Lakshmi
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 photo 1_zps35496b12.jpg
Raj is such a great father. I always admire how Imran looks up to his father.  This morning we were talking about our family to Imran.  Then Raj asked if I had heard from Deeba. I told him that it has been weeks tat I heard from her.  He told me that she must be busy with school.  Imran missed his auntie and hoped that she would break away from school to come and live with us.
 photo 2_zps5b7334d5.jpg
I was in my last trimester.  This pregnancy went much smoother than the one with Imran. At times I felt as if I was not pregnant at all. 
 photo 3_zpsef127788.jpg
Soon I was reminded that indeed I was pregnant because it was time for me to give birth. Imran and I headed to hospital where Raj was waiting to hold my hand.
 photo 4_zps25e32e52.jpg
After what seemed forever, I gave birth to another healthy boy. We named him Ankur.  He looked so much like Imran. 
 photo 5_zpsf098c6bf.jpg
Imran was happy to have a little brother. He did not seem to have any jealousy of not being the baby any more.  I was happy that Raj has prepared him for the responsibility of being a big brother.
 photo 6_zps0de7788c.jpg
As I held Ankur, I told Raj that I tried to reach Deeba several times and was surprised to find out that she had graduated early and had moved out.  Raj said that was not good and disrespectful to our family.  I knew my parents would be worried so I did not call them. After all they were still ecstatic to welcome another male grand baby.  Raj told me that he hoped that Deeba was not off disgracing our family.  I also wished that she was not either.
 photo 7_zps9db83232.jpg
the afternoons were great because I could get a lot of work done.  Imran was tired from school so he would come home and nap.  I managed to get Ankur on an afternoon schedule as well.
 photo 8_zpsc5410ee7.jpg
That evening Raj told me that he had located Deeba and was going to see her. I asked him if he would allow me to go. After hesitation he agreed but that I was to call him the minute I arrived to her apartment. I could not believe that Deeba would deliberately graduate and not tell us! How was I supposed to support her to get married if she acted this way. For sure my dream of asking Raj about getting a college degree was out of the question now. I do hope that Deeba is OK. Imran looked worried and I told him to not worry because everything was going to be fine.

Gerard Awon- Ch, 4 Empty Nesters unite.

Gerard (46) his wife Emmy (41)
Narrated by Gerard
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 photo 1_zpsa2e44cbf.jpg
We are currently enjoying being empty nesters. I never thought that having this big house would be too much for Emmy and I .  We have talked about downsizing to a smaller house. I am not opposed to it but being the CEO of a new hospital requires to uphold certain standards.
 photo 2_zps6b6ebf2f.jpg
Besides the minute she has me convinced, we head out to the garden and she changes her mind.  She loves being out there making sure everything is trimmed and weeded. I have offered to hire a gardener but she will not hear of it. She said that she needs something to do especially now that the kids are out of the house.
  photo 3_zps25680b41.jpg
In the morning, I do not like to get up from out cozy bed to go to work.  I snuggle up against Emmy and ask her if she can call in sick for me.  She smiles and kisses me which leads to passionate morning sex.  This morning right when we were done the doorbell rang.  We were both surprised and quickly got dressed to see who it was.
  photo 4_zps74f60308.jpg
To my surprise it was our kids. I asked them if everything was OK and they said the needed to talk to us.  I was concerned and worried when Juliann said that. I saw Gerard Jr and felt a little more at ease.  What ever it was, at least both of them were safe.
  photo 5_zps8699645d.jpg
Imagine our shock when we heard that not one but both of our kids got expelled from school. 
  photo 6_zps8d6d37a8.jpg
I was left with out words. I never would have thought that they were doing so poorly in school.  Juliann started saying that they did not get the course work and that they were homesick.  Gerard said he did not like the campus at all and wanted to come home and try something else.  Really? Is this what Emmy and I worked so hard to raise? We raised two children to become irresponsible young adults?
  photo 7_zps720bc021.jpg
Emmy was more calmer than I was. I was still trying to wrap my head around all of this. I heard her tell them that they could stay here but there had been some changes to their bedrooms.  At some point we agreed for them to stay here and figure things out.  I piped up that point and made sure both of them knew they needed to get jobs. After all if college was not for them then a job was!
  photo 8_zps4bd21732.jpg
They were surprised to find out that Gerard's Jr's room had been turned into a fitness room.  His bed was in storage but he needed to make space for the machines in the room as well as his bed.  He was OK with that. I could tell he felt defeated.
  photo 9_zpsa013109d.jpg
Juliann lucked out because we had agreed to leave her room as a guest room.  She loved her new space.
  photo 10_zpsd9812243.jpg
I thought for sure Emmy was going to coddle the twins.  When they went to look at their rooms she looked at me and told me we had a serious problem.  I agreed with her. We did not want the twins being dependent on us forever.  We both agreed that we would charge them rent.  Emmy smiled because she said it was going to be a rude awakening when they figured out that they need a college degree to make a decent living.  I smiled at my wife and promised her that the nest would soon be ours again.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mary Viayaka- Ch 4- Life changing trip.

Mary  ex of Ian Barillas (43) her daughter Sayra (14)
Narrated by Mary
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 photo 12_zps401b4331.jpg
Amar and I have been dating for a while.  He surprised me and asked if I would like to join him to a vacation to Takemizu Villiage.  I was going to tell him no but the idea of getting away to relax was just too much temptation.  I thought about having Sayra stay with her dad but at the last minute decided against it.
 photo 2_zps1a62151f.jpg
After we checked in Sayra said she was going to give us space.  She is a teenager that was anxious to not be trapped by her mom and her boyfrend.  Against my better judgement, I allowed her to go off on her own while Amar and I enjoyed some tea. 
 photo 7_zpscecf915e.jpg
I finally spotted Sayra in the hot tub talking to some girls. It was dark and I could not tell if they were around her age or older. I knew that Sayra was a good girl and would not do anything to embarrass both of us.  After all we were here on Amar's expense.
 photo 4_zpsdb1abab2.jpg
Amar thought differently than I did.  When she came back to the hotel room he had a talk with her. I heard him tell her that she was acting inappropriate by hanging out with older girls.  He didnt want any problems while we were on the island.  Sayra looked him straight in the eye and told him that he had nothing to worry about and in case he had forgotten he was not her father.  I was surprise she answered that way but didnt want to make a bigger scene. I made a mental note to discuss her dis respectfulness later.
 photo 6_zps9e1d3c2a.jpg
I invited Sayra to share some tea with me. I was hoping to discuss what had happened with Amar.  She got so defensive rather quickly. I told her that she needed to respect her elders.  Amar is not her father but he is her elder and she needed to simmer down.  She put a frown on her face and sulked.  The next thing I knew an island native decided to help herself to some of our tea.  I just smiled because I know that it is customary for everyone to share tea here.  She was a nice girl.  I was glad that she joined us.
 photo 7_zpscecf915e.jpg
The next time that Sayra wanted to tog the to the hot springs, I went with her.  I did find it relaxing.  She didnt look to relaxed though. I asked her if she was Ok and she said that everything was fine.  Mother's instinct is never wrong and I can tell when there is something up.  I will find out sooner or later. After a while, Sayra told me she was bored and wanted to do something else.
 photo 8_zps351f7fe1.jpg
We decided to and meditate with the locals.  I could feel that Sayra was finally getting back to her preteen self.  I knew my little girl was still in there somewhere. 
 photo 10_zps90a5d71c.jpg
Amar and I have been dating for while, so I did not suspect anything was wrong with us.  I was shocked when I made the moves on him and he pulled away.  It was at this time, that he told me that he wanted to stop seeing me. I asked him what was wrong.  He told me that he could not do the step daughter thing.  He also said that Sayra was getting quite the reputation on the island. I asked him what he was referring to.  He told me that I needed to take care of Sayra more.  I admit I was angry but I wanted to know more about what he was referring to.  I was shocked when he told me that he just could not help raise a gay step daughter.  I was more hurt that he was a homophobic bastard. He proceeded to climb out of bed and told me,"you can stay for a couple of nights more. I am actually heading back to Viramontes within the hour. Kindly do not try to reach out to me again. I have a reputation to uphold."
 photo 11_zpsc4284845.jpg
I got out of bed that evening. I was replaying everything in my head.  I knew that I needed to get out of there. I called the airline and asked for the first flight back. I did not care if it was a red eye. I just needed to get the heck out of there. I walked out to see Sayra kissing and hugging an older woman. I couldnt believe my eyes.  I ran from the room to see what was going on.
 photo 12_zps05db5646.jpg
I got nearer and yelled, "Sayra, what in the world do you think you are doing??!?!!?"
 photo 13_zps35af12ef.jpg
I asked the woman whose name is Lydia Conderc,  as calmly as I could what she was doing with my daughter.  She told me that they were on a date. She said she understood this was a shock to me having a gay daughter. I told her that I was surprised but was more shocked about her going with a 14 year old.  She was visually shocked when she heard Sayra's age.  I found out that she was 23 and was unaware that Sayra was 14. She apologized and I told her that I didnt have time to deal with her or the police. I just needed off of this island right now.
 photo 14_zps04313218.jpg
Sayra ran off too embarrassed to face what was going on. I was going to find her later but I needed to make sure that all the travel arrangements were made to get the hell off of this island.
 photo 16_zps1a9d0e99.jpg
The clerk was more than helpful. I checked out and he actually reimbursed me in cash the remaining balance that was unused. I used that to change our flights back home.  Sayra finally came back to the room and was shocked to find I had packed her items. I told her to get in the cab because we were out of there.  She sobbed on the plane ride until she fell asleep.

 photo 17_zps53d3a742.jpg
The next day I called Ian over and told him that we had something important to discuss.  This was Sayra's mess and I wanted her to tell her father what exactly she did.  Ian listened and didnt see the issue. I asked Sayra to wait in her bedroom while her father and I talked. 
 photo 19_zpsc71d19ba.jpg
I told Ian that he was crazy if he didnt think that there was anything wrong with a 14 year old dating a 23 year old. He told me to relax or Sayra was going to rebel even more.  But what could I expect from Ian?  After all his first wife was way older when they met. If memory serves me correctly he got married as a teenager to Debbie.
 photo 20_zps8552fb1b.jpg
He told me that the bigger issue was to make sure that Sayra knew that we loved her.  This was a delicate time for her. Coming out was not that easy for some teens.  I scowled at Ian because he was actually making some sense.  I told him that he should talk to Sayra. I told him that I needed him more in her life more than ever.  He agreed and said he never abandoned any of his kids.
Narrated by Sayra
 photo 21_zpsc4fd1761.jpg
My dad came in to my room. I was so embarrassed that he found out I was gay this way. I was meaning to talk to him but I never found the time.  To my surprise my dad actually congratulated me for having an older woman. I smiled at him.  My dad was always lenient with me. I was his baby girl. 
Then he got serious.  He told me that he loved me but didnt like that I was sneaking off to be with someone that was older. He said that I needed to take my time and that he was there for me whenever I needed it. 

 photo 22_zpsd569c199.jpg

He hugged me hard.  He asked me to not be in too much of a rush to grow up.  I soften up when I heard my dad speak.  I knew my dad was a player don't get me wrong but I also knew he cared and would not hesitate to carry out a punishment.  He asked that take it easy with my mom because she was trying her best.  It was at that moment that I found out from him that my mom and Amar had broken up. I guess we both were going to support each other during our heart break. I promised my dad that I would take it easier with my mom. I also promised to visit him more often.  Did I mention how much I loved both of my parents? 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aiden Royce- Ch. 5- Does this last forever?

Aiden, ex of Madeline Leopardi (38) his wife Sierra Bendett- Royce(34)
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 photo 1_zps6ea3e5f3.jpg
Narrated by Aiden
 photo 2_zps5c6b213a.jpg
Sierra and I have been pretty peaceful lately.  She misses that Kayla does not come around while she is in college.  I know that she is pregnant and therefore she is hormonal.  I remember this from when Madeline was pregnant.  I try to soothe her and make her feel better.
 photo 3_zps250a1b80.jpg
There are good days and there are bad days.  But when it is a good day everything is fine.  She is all lovey dovey and can't wait to make love.
 photo 4_zpsfce34c93.jpg
On the bad days she keeps asking why she is punished by being pregnant forever.  Right when she thought she could not have enough she thankfully went into labor.  She called me at work and I drove so quickly to take her at the hospital.
 photo 5_zps150d09df.jpg
We welcomed a beautiful baby boy and we named him Eli Aiden Jr.  He was the best looking baby ever. I was so proud. Sierra was beside herself as well.
 photo 6_zps2f258258.jpg
Sierra now said that everything during the last stage of her pregnancy was well worth it.  She loves being a mom. 
 photo 7_zpsd6c0a5dc.jpg
She is dreading going back to work. I told her that she can decide if she wants to go back to work or stay at home with Eli.
 photo 8_zpsd740f760.jpg
Have I mentioned he is the best baby ever?  I love coming home and picking him up to smell the baby .  I put him down because Sierra will kill me if I dont let Eli get a full nights sleep.
 photo 9_zps462bba70.jpg
Once I slip into bed. Sierra tells me that she loves me and can not wait until Kayla comes home to meet her little brother. I am so happy right now. I told her that I loved her too and snuggled up next to her and delightfully fell asleep.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Julio and August Barillas (twins) ch - 7- Its just not that simple.

August (28) his twin brother Julio( 28)
August's kids: Julius August and Orlinda Rebecca (5)
Narrated by August
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 photo 1_zpsf2f3c885.jpg
Its great when I get to have my kids for the weekend. Its even harder when I have to let them go back to their mom.  I know its best this co-parenting thing but it really is hard to have my kids bounce from home to home like this.  I do what I can to have them have fun when they are here on the weekends.
 photo 2_zps6916489f.jpg
Barbara and I have been seeing more of each other. I really do like her but I don't know if I want to move into something serious just yet.  I think she is more sure that I am about formalizing our relationship.  For now I have decided that it is OK to have her over to meet my children on the weekend. 
 photo 3_zpscc72e039.jpg
Julio was having a blast at seeing how nervous I was at having Barbara and the kids meet.  I maybe over protective but I want to make sure that my kids know that they are meeting someone very important. I dont want to meet everyone I date.  Oddly enough Julio does not think the same.
 photo 4_zps019e9840.jpg
After the kids went back to their mom's, I met up with Barbara downtown.  We both had a blast doing karaoke.  She is so good at it yet I can hold my own.  I like that she doesn't make me feel left out and does a few of the songs that I like too.
 photo 5_zpsbb63dd4b.jpg
I can tell that Barbara really wants to take the next step with me.  She keeps hinting but I am not there yet.  She told me that other day that she loves me and that she will wait for me as long as it takes.  I dont know if she truly will but at least she will lay off a bit.  Sometimes I can feel that she is getting pushy and that is a huge turn off to me. 
 photo 6_zps1ff9243e.jpg
I tell my brother everything. I mean he is my twin and we get along fine.  Imagine my horror when at dinner he tells Barbara that she needs to cool it before she scares me away! I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. My kids were there and they started to chuckle a little bit. I thought that was so inappropriate of him to say that at the dinner table.  I swear the older we get the more he is like my dad and I am  l like my mom.
 photo 7_zpsc56f4c7e.jpg
Don't get me wrong. My dad and I get along but I can see that Julio and him have much more in common that I do.  We try to have my dad over a least once a week for dinner.  After all these years, he is still single and as he puts it, "ready to mingle". I fear being like my dad at that age. I hope I am married and settled down by that time.
 photo 8_zpsd4f4599e.jpg
My dad was happy to see his grand kids and he was also getting caught up on the latest news.  It was no surprise that Julio told him about Barbara and I.  I really didnt want to discuss it but again they have no filter and did not care that my kids were present.  I told them that it was not up for discussion.  My dad just looked at me and told me, "Son if you don't let her know to slow down she wont.  If you are not careful she could become your worst nightmare".  Julio excused himself.  From the window I could see why he did.

 photo 9_zpse536e635.jpg
By the look of it his latest conquest, Anthony Lew was there to visit him.  Unlike me he did tell Anthony straight out that he did not want to be exclusive.  Anthony was OK with it.  Why is it that my brother always finds the guys that are OK with being second, third and sometimes fourth on Julio's list? As for me, I will take it slow with Barbara and she knows that I care for her. When the time is right then it will be right.  If not then we will part ways. I will not be pressured by her or my family.

Author's note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Julio he is a cassanova! He will not settle on just one guy. He dates them and then has no desire to continue with the relationship. There are no rolls for a date, a kiss nothing.  Therefore I am still on the search to find the "one" for him.

August-  Poor guy. I mean he is weird.  I have him with Barbara and there are no wants from him to flirt or kiss her.  I decided to break them up. The minute I do he rolls love wants for her.  I get them together and then he doesn't roll engagment or marriage to her.  Poor Barbara keeps rolling the marriage want for August. I hope the next time I play them August will roll the marriage want!!