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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marcos Barillas- Ch 12- Death by term paper.

Marcos (45)Renee (36)
Children: Germelo and Anai (7), Brett, Jordan and Showban (2).
David, Pearla, Eugenio, Mateo (18)
Narrated by Renee

We have no times to ourselves. As much as Marcos and I want to just be alone it feels as though we are surrounded by kids.  Don't get me wrong I love my kids but with me trying to finish my master's it is getting a little difficult.  Marcos has decided to be more proactive in handling the kids more so that I can finish school.
Marcos loves being outside with the kids and trust me they dont mind at all.  My step kids have stopped coming around as much.  They are older and I think they have their lives set up more with their mom than here with us.  Afterall we live pretty far away for them to drive over here. I think this is hurting Marcos.  I know he wants all of his kids here but what can we do?  I want them here too but I understand that they are teenagers with budding social lives.  Marcos on the other hand fears that his older kids will not bond with our children if they dont socialize.
as for me, my socializing is limited. I am almost done with this master's and I do not want to do another paper again.  Did I mention how tired I am? eek.

Ian Barillas Ch. 12- My digs, new Loves

Ian Barillas(45)
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 photo 1_zps8d8d9139.jpg
Kids living at home: Darcy (17),  Sayra (14)
Narrated by Ian
 photo 3_zpsef32cbda.jpg
I needed to change apartments because I simply needed a change of scenary.  If you ask
Amarilis its because too many women know where I live. I would take offense to that but it part what she says is true.

 photo 72_zpscc8949c7.jpg
I am not one to think about  a place forever. I know pretty much if I am going to like a place on the spot.  I invited the boys over to take a look.  They still are currently living together.  Julius even asked if he could move in and of course I said no. I wish my boys would get their lives together.
 photo 8_zps919eaa4a.jpg
Living alone is nice but hey even I who has such a social life can get lonely.  What a better way to combat loneliness than with two pets.  Meet Hutch and Chinta.  I always wanted to have pets but couldn't until now.
 photo 9_zps3229ba8f.jpg
the first woman to see my apartment was Allyn Thompson.  She is pretty cool. I like her a lot but dont think that it will go too far.  She keeps thinking that we are meant to be.  Why do women always ruin a good thing by trying to figure out where we are going next.  Enjoy the moment!!!
 photo 11_zps0e1002f3.jpg
At work things are getting a little better. I am still the supervisor of the garage but now I am being groomed to take over a network of garages that we want to build in Viramontes and its suburbs.  Amarilis thinks its a great plan but for now I am just loving the potential salary bonus. 
 photo 14_zps9edaa416.jpg
Allyn and I have gotten close.  This girl is sometimes more than I can handle. I made the mistake of telling her that I get bored if I am not kept interested.  Why is it that now this girl wants to dare me always to woohoo in public? I mean she makes me feel that I am getting too old for the public stuff. But hey I am game to try it.
  photo 15_zps550a695d.jpg
I decided to start a music hobby.  It wasnt my best plan but I needed something else to do. so here I am trying to learn how to strut my stuff and failing miserably.  I need to get a tutor for this and soon.
  photo 16_zpsf58ef778.jpg
I hired this tutor named Addison Murphy. She is currently in college with a major in Music.  I think she is brilliant when it comes to teaching me how to play.  She really did teach me a lot in our first lesson. 
I know that I shouldn't but the chemistry between us was on fire.  Allyn and I are not exclusive anyway.  Addison loves coming over and just getting it on after our lesson.  I love this but I know that I need to settle down? or do I? I mean this is what I like. 
 photo 18_zpseb58a035.jpg
OK I did feel a little bad when Addison and I took it to the next level and I found out she was 20 years old. What is a twenty year old doing trying to seduce me?  I didnt feel that great about our age difference and she could tell.  She told me that men her age don't eve know what to do in bed unlike me. 
 photo 19_zps783e2d17.jpg
OK so now what?  Either way I am happy to be here by myself. I like Addison but she is so young.  Allyn is good too but she is getting the ever deadly clingy stage.  I guess for now I will just see how things progress. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brianna Barillas-Chalmers Ch. 13- Warp speed.

Briana (45) Her children: Taylor (17), Isaiah (15) and Samira (9)  photo 1-72_zpse27e51f9.jpg
Narrated by Briana
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  photo 2-75_zps859ec568.jpg
I have been working more than usual.  It seems like time is passing by so quickly for me.  I am always on the phone now trying to grant search warrants or putting another case on my docket.  Whoever thought that being a judge would be easy was severely mistaken.
 photo 3-73_zpsfd55fa72.jpg
My kids seem adjusted to me not being home a lot.  Taylor is not working now so she can be home to make sure that Samira gets home safe from school.  Isaiah is also home but he has been desperately looking for a job recently to occupy his time.
 photo 4-71_zps6bdc1f75.jpg

I haven't seen Heath in a while so I decided to try some online dating.  It was my luck to get a few responses.  I meet up with a local architect named John M. Martinez.  I was surprised that his picture actually matched the real him. I  mean I have heard horror stories. We have been out to coffee and I have to admit he peaks my interest.
  photo 6-63_zpsde54c90e.jpg
Isaiah is still going strong with George Lewis. I honestly did not think that it would go this long but he has proven me wrong.  I like George and I hope it works out for them.  Who knows maybe they will get married some day.  After all I met Neal when I was a teen.  
 photo 7-66_zps9e571f91.jpg
Taylor surprised me the other day by telling me that she has decided to go to college. I was ecstatic about her decision.  She was pondering not going because she feels that she has to be here to help. I appreciate her help but I want her to live her life too. Neal would have been so proud of the young woman standing before me.
 photo 8-60_zps2f591672.jpg
Isaiah was so excited to hear about his sister's decision.  I hope that Isaiah too will get the college spark and decide to go away to college. For now it seems like his world is George. 
 photo 9-60_zpsb196c9e9.jpg
I still go to my children's room before I retreat to my own bedroom. I took a little longer in Taylor's room today. It's hard to believe that soon she will be at college and no longer here.  When did my little girl grow up?
  photo 10-56_zps7c8b8d6f.jpg
We decided to hold a bonvoyage breakfast for Taylor.  Samira helped me and she worried me when she asked me if Taylor would forget her.  I assured her that he sister would never forget her.  Samira seemed happy with that answer.  I can't help but wonder if she is a little scared from not having her dad here with us. 
 photo 11-53_zps7e520e4d.jpg
Breakfast was great.  We had the best time remembering all of our adventures.  The conversation turned a little sad when Taylor wished her father was still here.  Taylor and Isaiah still remember their dad but Samira has no memory of him other than the pictures around the house.  Isaiah soon changed the conversation and started asking Taylor all about her college dorm room.
 photo 12-50_zpsc82dd7e3.jpg
I hugged Taylor so hard that I didnt want her to leave. My baby girl was going off into the world to make something of herself.  She does not have a clue how college can change your life.  Through out all this she never mentioned Irfan again. I am guessing they broke up but she does not want to talk about it . I respect her privacy but I also make sure she knows I am here for her.
 photo 13-42_zpsc03e46ca.jpg
John and I have been seeing a lot of each other.  I took him to Adam's restaurant and John was delighted to go.  I was a bit nervous but I figured Adam wouldn't bee too hard on John.
 photo 14-34_zps6bb789fb.jpg
I think that Adam liked John.  John seemed to love Adam's restaurant. At one point I felt the date was more between Adam and John than me!
 photo 15-35_zps08abb525.jpg
Adam got the hint and left us alone to enjoy our dinner.  John really intrigues me.  Hes single, handsome and has no children.  He said that he doesn't want kids of his own.  Now that he is 40 he thinks his time has passed.  I was OK with that since I am 45 and I am not looking to have or adopt any more children.  Samira was my miracle child and for sure my last. 
 photo 16-32_zps6b3cab4a.jpg
Isaiah is still looking for a job. He has not found one but by the look at the lack of completing his chores you would think he was working two jobs.
 photo 17-25_zpsb80ee4c5.jpg
I had to kindly remind him that with Taylor gone he had to pick up the slack.  He can moan and gripe all he wants but he has to do it while he helps around the house.
 photo 18-20_zpseb346aab.jpg
I have been super busy with work, dating and keeping up with Taylor that I feel like I have no time for myself.
 photo 19-17_zpsf3ff6528.jpg
Imagine my surprise when Heath showed up at my front door.  He shocked me because I honestly did not think that he would ever show up again. I mean he has not called in months.
 photo 21-11_zpsd87c30f2.jpg
we got caught up but he looked dismayed when I told him that I had moved on with someone else.  Heath is a corporate lawyer but I mean seriously? how long did he expect me to wait for him? He left and told me to call him if things didn't work out with John.
 photo 22-6_zps2b367f7a.jpg
After that I realized that I needed a small break from it all. I called John and told him I was busy at work and would call him in a few days. Isaiah was out on a date and Samira was asleep. I grabbed a book and curled up on the couch.  I needed to slow down a bit and enjoy some me time.

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I hate the way Blogger does not allow me to insert pictures like before.  It is really annoying!  I have been on break but decided to come back and get things going again. I missed my sims and almost had put it away for good.  I think I needed this break!  Hopefully stories will be posted on a more timely basis.
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