Viramontes City

We are currently in Round 17, which is scheduled to end 2/17/15.
Round 16 finished 10.14.12
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome to Round 18

Hello everyone,
Welcome to Round 18.  I think I finally got a handle on how to post religiously. I will be working this round on adding more details to my sims bio pages.  Lets get started with this round's ROS.  I am not liking this ROS for this round at all. 1 ROS per household and my neighborhood has 72 active households.
  1. Win medium prize --$5000
  2. Charity Strikes-- must donate $2000
  3. Start slacking off of work-- call off for 1 day
  4. Death by accident------boo ROS
  5. Sim gets sick now and dies next season
  6. Start slacking off of work-- call off for 4 days
  7. Death by heart attack 
  8. House condemned must destroy and rebuild house on same plot
  9. On job assignment. Must stay away for 1 rotation
  10. Shot gun wedding. pick sim with highest LTR and get married.
  11. House destroyed by fire
  12. Sim wants to party- rolled to throw a barbecue
  13. property taxes are raised- $2000
  14. Date night with spouse or sim with highest ltr

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Round 17- Summary

  1.  Makeover shopping spree--$9,000- Rodrigo Leopardi
  2. reassessment of property you owe..I rolled and it came out to $18,100- Lauren Santander
  3. Promoted! sim goes to next level in career- Marcos Barillas
  4. Yard Sale must sell 3 items from home-Consuelo Barillas
  5. On Job assignment, must leave for (rolled) 1 rotation- Lashawn Barillas (wife of Justin Barillas)
  6. Job relocation, sim must move to different location- Amarilis Barillas
  7. Sim gets sick and dies next season..this is a killer- Francisco Leopardi
  8. tornado destroys house, move to another location- Ian Barillas
  9. tax refund. Get$10,000 refund.- Raj Behal
  10. Get plastic surgery - this one is lame.- MacKenzie Macguire
  11. Go on second honeymoon- Oscar Joshua Jr.
  12. Fired stay unemployed for 1 (rolled) round- Veronica Barillas (wife of Isabel Barillas)
Ariel Dominguez and Zeeshan Despret

  • Amarilis Barillas and Meadow Thayer
  • Lizandra Barillas and Rodney Jung
  • Deeba Shalo and Ted Chin

Deeba Shalo and Ted Chin

  • Triplets: Montgomery, Blair and Matriece Stompel --Parents: Hayden Stompel and Jan F.
  • Triplets: Jamie, Jason and Josie Rogers--Parents: Murillo and Duda Rogers
  • Triplets: Sabrina, Karina and Murry Malcom Kavanuagh-- Parents: MacKenzie and Malcolm Kavanaugh
  • Twins: Marianne Sole and Parker Joel Brown--Parents: DeLaney and Laurel Brown
  • Iris Worthington--Parents: Frances and Cecilia Worthington
  • Ankur Behal-- Parents: Raj and Lakshimi Behal
  • Eli Aiden Royce Jr-- Parents: Sierra and Aiden Royce
  • Oscar Maximo Barillas IV--Parents: Oscar and Ava Barillas
  • Twins: Penelope and Marilu Guevara-- Parents: Asia and Vincent Guevara
  • Triplets: Maggie, Shane and Carol Barillas-- Parents: Carson and Vanessa Barillas

Thursday, February 12, 2015

School Days- Round 17

Preschool-  (age 3-4)
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_017403c5_zps752690e5.jpg
Desiree Barillas, Eunice Barillas
Grammar School 
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_c1740696_zps1df862f2.jpg
Kindergarten (Age 5)- Emeline Barillas, Laurel Barillas, Parker Barillas, Carter Leopardi, Zienna Leopardi, Dexter Leopardi, Jake Leopardi, Tarzo Tan, Murillo Tan, Aster Santander, Imaran Behal, Julius August Barillas, Orlina Rebecca Barillas
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_8174076d_zps912e4ca0.jpg
1st Grade (Age 6)
Anne Dominguez, Ellen Dominguez, Myra Dominguez, Ryan Dominguez
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_817407ce_zps73ec09bf.jpg
Second Grade (Age 7)
Germelo Barillas, Anai Barillas
 photo snapshot_566b41c1_017409c5_zps484f200f.jpg
Third Grade (Age 8)
Paul Guevara, Samuel Guevara , Cristina Leopardi, Hugo Leopardi, Lewis Leopardi,, Othaniel Leopardi, Giovanni Barillas, Lorenzo, Barillas,Venizio Dominguez,  Troy Tan, Alberi Santander, Lucas Santander, Manuela Santander, Tracy Santander,
 photo snapshot_566b41c1_41740ac8_zps4d97ff84.jpg
Fourth Grade (Age 9)
Samira Chalmers, Amin Dominguez, Caleb Dominguez, Kenya Dominguez, Sahara Dominguez , Donnatella Bruenig, Annatella Bruenig
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_61740c09_zps4005cf79.jpg
Fifth Grade (Age 10)
Nianna Worthington , Jonah Barillas, Nazira Barillas, Octavio Barillas, Yameli Barillas, Carmela Moore, Helen Barillas
 photo snapshot_566b41c1_c1740c44_zps19b58b78.jpg
Sixth Grade (Age 11)
Jah-Khan Rainer
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_a1740d78_zps337490ea.jpg
Seventh Grade (Age 12)
Clive Shin, Xochil Shin, Carmen Barillas, Esteban Barillas,
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_41740d92_zpsde023b0f.jpg
Eight Grade(Age 13)
Jewel Barillas, Julian Barillas,
High school
 photo snapshot_566b41c1_c1740edc_zpsc1915b75.jpg
Freshman (Age 14)
Jada Barillas, Kameko Barillas, Hitoshi Rainer, Kanji Rainer, Madison Bruenig, Candice Barillas, Cameron Barillas, Ben Worthington, Estelle Worthington, Sayra Barillas,
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_e1740f4f_zps84755cea.jpg
Sophomore (Age 15) 
Isaiah Chalmers, Salma Wilke, Harold Wilkie
  photo snapshot_566b41c1_01741063_zps16fd550c.jpg
Junior (Age 16)
Austin Victor Dominguez, Angel Leopardi, Ismir Leopardi, Nevada Leopardi, Sergio Leopardi,Julieta Barillas, Ramon Barillas, Raquel Barillas

Senior (Age 17)
None enrolled.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Elizabeth Ng- Ch 2- Keep on growing.

Elizabeth Ng (27) (ex-spouse of August Barillas)
her children with August: Orlinda Rebecca and Julius (5)
Last update/ next update
narrated by Elizabeth
 photo 1_zpsc716d22c.jpg
I am really happy with myself.  I have struggled but finally I have finished my Master's degree.  It took a lot of work to get it done. 
 photo 2_zps19c9bdd7.jpg
The kids are also working hard making sure their grades are good.  I want to make sure that they have a good example by seeing that I have completed my degree. 
 photo 3_zps85be1ba3.jpg
August and I have been getting along getting along more lately.  No we are not trying to get back together. I think we both know that we don't work together.  He is actually dating another girl and he wanted me to know before the kids told me.  I was fine with that. 
 photo 4_zps646a2d13.jpg
When I am alone, I have a lot of time to get some extra work done.  I want to start looking for another job.  I am hoping that I can find something that will give me a little extra money.  I have even been contemplating getting my PhD.  However I think I too am ready to get out there and start dating. 
 photo 5_zpsc49b82d2.jpg
One of my neighbors, intrigued me. I thought maybe there would be something there.  It turns out that it does not work because he likes another girl and can not top talking about it. 
 photo 6_zpsb5a5c35b.jpg
I was asked out by Heath but I dont think that he wants to exclusively. I think he is fine dating openly.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eugenio, David and Mateo Barillas- College Years

Eugenio, David and Mateo (18) quad brothers (Pearla)
last update/next update
Narrated by Eugenio
 photo 1_zps8e8f13eb.jpg
College is more complex than I had ever imagined. I thought that I would breeze by but that is not the case.  My brother David is really working hard and seeing if he can graduate early.  My other brother Mateo is here only because we are here. 
 photo 2_zpsd8a08bd2.jpg
I am kind of seeing this girl named Lisa Gray.  We are more friends than anything else.  I mean we have tried to take it to the next level but we are both too busy to commit.  
 photo 4_zps4f502564.jpg
David has also found himself dating a young lady named Jennifer love.  Although they are dating it doesnt seem as if she wants to commit.  I don't know why the college life is either about studying or dating. It seems that the Barillas boys would rather study than date. 
 photo 6_zpsd4f2bb3d.jpg
We try to eat breakfast at least once a week to catch up to each other.  David makes it but Mateo is a different story.  He is really focused on leaving here in a jiffy.

 photo 8_zpsb4622fba.jpg
In the beginning of my sophomore year, I was surprised by having my ex girlfriend Celeste Kosmokos come to visit me.  I thought we were over  when I came to college but she came to tell me that she missed me.  She didn't want to keep living without me.  I was shocked to be honest.  She is currently a senior in high school and she was planning on coming to my college.  I was no longer dating anyone so I thought maybe this was destiny bringing her back to me. 
 photo 9_zps7b961340.jpg
Before she left we couldn't take our hands off each other.  I thought that maybe we could move forward with our relationship. 
 photo 10_zps382d6cbd.jpg
Sooner rather than later our supposed relationship fizzled out.  It was not going to work with her being back home and I in college.  She was getting too possessive so I decided to call it off.
 photo 11_zps47c46348.jpg
One of my friends, Viola asked me to go out and get my mind off of things.  I decided to go and she choose this moment to confess she had feelings for me.  I felt set up but most of all I felt bad that I told her that I was not interested.  She did not take it too well. I knew that she was embarrassed about showing her feelings and I was not feeling the same way.  We decided to part and I could not help but think our friendship is now done.
 photo 12_zpsfe6befad.jpg
I walked around to clear my head.  I ended up bumping into Lisa.  Lisa knew something was wrong.  We started talking.  She told me that she broke up with someone as well.
 photo 13_zps7372319e.jpg
We talked most of the night.  By the end we were making out.  I dont know what to make of it but I know I want to see if we can make it official.
 photo 14_zpsd35b9d8d.jpg
a few weeks later, I went to have breakfast and there was Jacqueline and David doing something together. I don't know if they were doing Yoga or what.  I know David is falling hard for Jacqueline.  I just hope that he is still focusing on his college work as well.

 photo 16_zpsb316fbe0.jpg
Lisa came to see me and it was not a great visit.  She has not been doing great in school and was expelled.  I did not know what to think. I wanted her to stay with me ..I wanted for us to make a go for this.  She told me that she would call me as soon as she got settled.  I don't know if I will see her again but one can only hope. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pearla Barillas- ch 1- Finding my own way.

Pearla (18)
last update/next update
 photo 1_zpsfc64dc0a.jpg
narrated by Pearla
 photo 2_zps679153b4.jpg
Once I turned 18 I decided to move out of my mom's home. I know if I asked I could move into my father's home with Renee but I decided against that as well.l  Therefore I grabbed all of my savings and searched for a place that would allow me to rent.  It was a little hard but finally I found a lady that was willing to give me a break. The only problem was that it was located in Colorado Springs. It was a far trek but I was willing to move.
 photo 3_zpse74b60d6.jpg
My new apartment is very tiny.  At first I loved the fact that I had my own space. Now that I see how empty my space is I get a little lonely.  I try to email my brothers and parents to let them know that I am doing ok.  My quad brothers are at college and they are really busy.  Its rare that I get a call from them now. We are now totally living separate lives.
 photo 4_zpsf0d7b9a6.jpg
I met one of my neighbors and he seems nice. He asked me if I was going to paint my apartment soon. I told him that I was going to eventually.  He asked me if I had gone to college. He could tell that I was very young. I just smiled and told him that I was not ready to go back to college yet.  I never knew neighbors could be so nosy.
 photo 5_zps11a197cd.jpg
My dad came to visit me.  I am much more closer to my dad now than my mom.  For some reason dad and I can talk about anything. 
 photo 6_zpsa923e1be.jpg
I made him something to eat. It was funny to see his face when he entered my apartment. He didn't realize it was a studio. 
 photo 7_zps305d3365.jpg
He asked me if everything was OK. I told him that I was doing just fine.  I had a tiny bit more of my savings left over.  He said if things got tough he can help me out or I can move into his home.  For now I just want to try to do this on my own. I know I am young but I can do this.
 photo 8_zps79d83a99.jpg
I knew I could do that but now I needed to convince my father of it as well.  He seemed hesitant but at the end of our conversation he agreed to back off and let me handle my life. 
 photo 9_zpsf83c30b2.jpg
He said he had to get going. He needed to drive back to Viramontes. I promised that I would go see him, Renee and my half siblings soon.
 photo 10_zps135eab00.jpg

That night I laid in bed.  For now I was happy.  Soon I would have to find another job if I planned to stay in this apartment.  So many thoughts were starting to crowd my head.  I forced them to go away because I needed to get a good nights sleep.  I just had to keep reminding myself that I got this.