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Friday, June 13, 2014

Madeline Leopardi- Ch 10- Something ends for another to begin.

Madeline (35)
Her daughter: Kayla Royce (18) away at college

 photo 12_zpsbce0e413.jpg
Narrated by Madeline
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Its strange being home alone now that Kayla is gone to college.  Sure I have my pets but its not the same as having my baby home. 
 photo 3_zps22f10a57.jpg
I am still dating John Davidson.  We have been getting along but I just dont feel the spark.  He asked me the other day if we were going to start officially dating. I managed to switch the subject because I just dont feel up to it with him.
 photo 5_zps84a3df7e.jpg
We went out one day and to our surprise William was there.  I thought William would continue to walk but no he stopped and  made a point to talk to me.  It was not a pleasant exchange. It reminded me why we broke up in the first place.
 photo 6_zps141d4b13.jpg
John didnt take me breaking up with him too bad. I did feel bad.  He is such a nice guy and I really wanted to feel that spark but it was just not happening. I did not feel it was fair to keep him hanging on to something that would not happen.
 photo 7_zps6a1490d5.jpg
As I was saying bye to him an other guy caught my eye.  I think he even know John but I didnt want to say anything. I was shocked when he asked me if I let the guy down easily or not.  I told him politely to mind his business. Then John introduced us. I felt so embarrassed.
 photo 8_zps8d825d2d.jpg
I asked him to forgive my rudeness and he shocked me again by saying that a hug would erase all wrong doings. I mean really?
 photo 9_zps6bd81796.jpg
Months have passed since our first encounter and we have been on fire ever since.  We didnt think about how this would hurt or if it would hurt John .  From the moment I met Joel I knew there was something special about him. 
 photo 10_zps1ced5691.jpg
It was not long before we became lovers.  I really love Joel.  He has asked me if I wanted to move in with him.  I told him that I would think about it. After all Kayla and him have not even met. Its important for them to meet.  I am not seeking Kayla's approval.  I just want to make sure she knows what is going on in my life as much as I want her to include me on hers.
 photo 11_zps321ecd42.jpg
One afternoon after our date Joel hugged me and told me that he had never felt this way before.  I told him that I loved being with him and I wanted him to move in to my home with me.
 photo 12_zpsc00444e6.jpg
Joel told me that it was great that I was thinking that way. Next thing I know Joel got down on one knee.
 photo 14_zpsded877a7.jpg
He took out a beautiful diamond. I was mesmerized..and Joel had to bring me back to reality.  I looked at him and said yes.
 photo 26_zpsec8e2ada.jpg
Joel didn't move in right away. He wanted me to talk to Kayla first and make sure she was aware of our pending nuptials.
 photo 18_zps67116e5a.jpg
it looked like I was not the only busy one.  My dogs mated during all my fuss and  I ended up having two puppies. I dont have the time to care for them all so I ended up putting the puppies up for adoption.  The police officer came to pick them up. I was sad but its for the best.
 photo 19_zpsa13586b2.jpg
Kayla managed to tear herself away from college to visit me.  I was happy that Joel had not moved in yet.  Kayla noticed the ring and asked me what was going on.  I explained to her my whirlwind romance. 
 photo 20_zps86c82dad.jpg
She hugged me and congratulated me.  She was happy to see that I was finally making over my life. She asked to meet Joel right away.
 photo 23_zps53716552.jpg
Joel came to dinner and we told Kayla that he was also going to move in.  Kayla seemed happy for me. She even asked if we would be giving her a little brother or sister.  I didnt answer. In truth I have never thought about having more children. I had Kayla when I was 17.  I didnt think about adding another baby to the family. 
 photo 24_zpsb98a71b0.jpg
I asked Joel about it later that night. He told me that we had time to make up our minds. He was happy to be with me. If we had a baby great...if no then that would be great as well.  I dont know if we will have children but for now I am looking foward to our marriage.
Madeline and her daughter Kayla.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Ethan Leopardi-Ch 12- Before its too late....

Ethan (39), his wife Noelle (38)
Their Children: Quads: Carter, Zienna, Dexter, Jake (5)
 photo 1_zps34e7bc58.jpg
Narrated by Noelle
 photo 3_zpsb02ff38f.jpg
My business is going good. It takes a toll on me getting the inventory in order while taking care of the kids.  I told Ethan that I needed help.  He told me that he would help me but I see that only involves him helping himself to more sleep.  Therefore I decided to do the inventory before I go to bed. 
 photo 2_zpsfcc2181d.jpg
It seems that by the time I finally get to sleep its time to wake up because one of the triplets is crying. I yearn for them to turn 5.  Their birthday is coming up and while I love them at this stage..I would love them to be a little more independent. 
 photo 4_zps4de8cc8c.jpg
So I get into the room. Feed them a bottle and hope and pray that they sleep for another hour or if I am lucky two more hours so that I can get some work done.
 photo 5_zpsded297a4.jpg
I get to sewing my creations.  My designer line has not grown too much because I dont have time to design.  It's almost as if I keep sewing the designs that have been approved by the masses.
 photo 6_zpsa70d6e25.jpg
Finally after months of arguing, Ethan decided that I did need help. I  put an ad out for a design intern/associate and many applied. No one really caught my designer's eye until I met Trevor Ngal.  Well I thought he was an applicant. Turns out that he was looking to purchase some of my designs for mass production.  He told me that he would be willing to help as long as I would allow him use of my space for some clients to try on his designs.  I figured it was not such a bad idea.  He totally loved my space and we shared so many thoughts. Its as if my creative side has reawakened.
 photo 8_zps3e9357e5.jpg
Trevor and I called each other to share wonderful ideas.  At the triplets birthday party, I saw this wonderful design on my sister-in-law and she told me it was Trevor's.  I called him and told him. He told me that soon everyone in Viramontes will be wearing my designs instead of his. 
 photo 7_zps676905d1.jpg
Our creative souls were such a match.  Trevor told me that we needed to venture out a little more in order to see and get more ideas. I agreed. 
 photo 10_zpsc4aa7fcc.jpg
Ethan wanted to argue because he was going to be home again doing dinner while I went out. I told him that I supported him in his career and it was my turn now.  He told me that why couldn't I choose another day or while the kids were at school.  The cab got there and I left.
 photo 9_zps045b2404.jpg
As I was leaving I saw Ethan serving dinner.  Part of me wanted to stop the cab but the dominant part of me wanted him to understand that he needed to help take care of the kids more. 
 photo 12_zpsf10c7c75.jpg
I fought my feelings for a long time.  I dont know how it happen but I remember finally giving in and it was the best thing. I felt so alive.  I felt loved for being me.  I was not being loved because someone needed help with their homework or a meal cooked.  I was loved because I was sexy and I was me. Trevor made me feel so hot and alive.
 photo 14_zps3d6acd1e.jpg
Eventually I could not wait until the kids and Ethan left out of the house.  The minute I did I would run to Trevor's house.  We would cuddle for hours and finally ended up having sex. 
 photo 19_zpsc8efe5a4.jpg
When I got home I immediately showered and went to bed. Ethan came home and tried to see if I was awake. I was but now I belonged to Trevor and there was no way that I would give myself up to Ethan again.
 photo 15_zps9d754536.jpg
I continued seeing Trevor and we were even becoming brazen with our behavior.  We would go out to dinner and I would love for Trevor to caress me all over.  It got to a point where I didn't care where we were. I just wanted to be with him anywhere and any how.
 photo 18_zpsfcb948c2.jpg
Trevor had to go away for a designer's conference.  The whole week I was on edge. I wanted to see him, be with him but I had to be at home with my family. Then one night Ethan was home waiting for me to come down from my studio. He asked me to have a seat.  My heart was racing thinking that he found out about Trevor and me.  He told me that I felt distant and he wanted to know why. I knew why but I didnt want to share that with him.  He told me that he wanted the old me back.  He wanted us to get through this and he loved me.  He apologized for not being there but said that he would make the effort to help me out more.  I sat there and listened and I felt finally what I needed for a long time.  I looked at our wedding picture and I almost instantly wanted to cry.  I held back the tears and told Ethan that I was tired and needed to go to bed.
 photo 21_zpseb724520.jpg
When Trevor came back he asked to see me right away.  I was tired and I didnt have the same energy to go out to see him.  The week he had been gone served me as a way to realize that I wanted my marriage to work.  I ended up going to see Trevor.  He was so happy to see me...ecstatic was more like it. I didnt feel the same.  He looked different to me... almost as if his newness no longer appealed to me.  He hugged me and told me he missed me and wanted to get me in bed.  I let him hug me but I knew I needed some time to think without him there in my ear all the time.
 photo 22_zps0b062c45.jpg
I was shocked when all of a sudden he told me that he couldnt live like this anymore.  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I told him , "NO".  What was he thinking? i wouldnt leave my family for this. I needed to think. 
 photo 23_zpscd336bdb.jpg
Trevor was so upset. He didnt want to hear my side of it. He told me that he knew we were meant to be. He said that he knew leaving me for a week would allow for Ethan to move in on our love. Finally I saw Trevor for what he was...a whiny man.  I told him I needed my space and whether he liked it or not I needed to decide what was best for me and my family.  I needed a break and for now yes we were over.
 photo 25_zpsc8058c9c.jpg
The weeks that followed I fell back in love with my family.  I got to reacquint myself with my children and husband.  How is it that I was so ready to let this go?  I didnt understand how I got to the place that I got with Trevor.  As I sat down to dinner it seemed that Trevor was such a distant memory.  I looked at my husband and found myself wanting to be closer with him again. I just hoped that he wanted to be closer to me too.
 photo 26_zps254a9898.jpg
One day I got up the courage and told him to meet me upstairs.  The children had gone to school and he was reading his paper.  He had worked nights so he was winding down from his night shift.  I brushed his shoulder and told him, "come upstairs Ethan ".  I wanted it to sound seductive but I am sure it sounded like I was a complete idiot. 
 photo 27_zps694acdd2.jpg
In our bedroom, I nervously laid myself out like a treat.  Ethan walked in and he was truly shocked to see me there.  He asked what had happened to us.  I knew then that he needed an explanation.
 photo 28_zpscd3fb417.jpg
I could not be totally honest. I was too scared. I told him that my business got the best of me but that chapter was closed. I was ready to give up the dream that was turning into a nightmare.  I did my best and it seemed that Ethan bought it.  I was happy that we were going to work things out.
 photo 31_zps552ab8d2.jpg
Weeks went by and it seemed that finally we were back to our old selves.  I even went and did a little make over on myself. 
 photo 32_zpse87c42e3.jpg
Ethan and i were on the best of terms.  The kids were so happy and I was ecstatic to be with them.  Everything was just as it should be.  I had decided to go to work for another designer and gave up my home business.  For now I was content leaving work at work!
 photo 332_zps1d89401f.jpg
That is until one day I came home to find Trevor sitting at our dinning room table.  It had been almost a year since I seen Trevor.  I was shocked when he was sitting there as if he were an old friend coming to say ,"hello". At least that's what Ethan said that Trevor was doing here.
 photo 34_zpsfb1d2619.jpg
I did my best to act normal.  Trevor also acted normal.  Trevor asked if I was still doing my own design work to which I responded no.  He was saddened to hear that I had given up on that idea to have my own designer line.  He told Ethan I and that he was looking for some of my items and would love to purchase any left over designs I had.  Ethan thought it was a great idea to clean up the attic space.  I told Trevor that I would be more than happy to show him after dinner.
 photo 35_zps2b90304c.jpg
As soon as we got up there Trevor became an Octopus.  He told me that I was the love of his life and he didnt buy the nice home act that I was putting on. 
 photo 36_zps45c21c38.jpg
I pushed him back and told him that it was not an act.  , "you see Trevor you have not been married before. It takes a lot to build this and sure take a lot more to destroy it.  I love Ethan and my children. Its over Trevor. I think I made it more than clear when I have not contacted you at all."
 photo 37_zps45bcf4ac.jpg
"Noelle you confuse things.  You dont love Ethan or your family.  If you truly loved them then nothing would have happened between us.  You can stand there and act all righteous but you and I know the truth. It may not be weeks, months or if your lucky years..but trust me there will be more infidelity in your so called marriage of love.  I just hope that its you and not him who gives you back what you deserve".
"Get the hell out of my house, " I yelled.
"I know the truth hurts doesn't it.  Its OK I am leaving.  I wish you the best Noelle.  I also hope your act of faithfulness to your husband and family doesnt fall flat."'
 photo 38_zps9de0230c.jpg
I was fuming and I walked downstairs after Trevor left.  Ethan was there and asked if everything was OK.  I told him that Trevor wanted to steal some designs and not give me credit.  I think that Ethan bought it...b ut something that Trevor said kept bothering me.
 photo 39_zps78f75310.jpg

I grabbed Ethan's hands, "you know I love your right?"
"Ethan promise me that no matter what you will talk to me.  Promise that we will work things out"
"We will. Are you sure that everything is OK?"
"Yes it is.  I just want you to know that I love you."

Author's note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This episode was hard to write.  This is a semi ROS.  When my sims get married a dice gets rolled. The di states, "married, separate, divorce, have affair".  Ethan rolled, "have affair not caught" the next di roll indicated that it would be Noelle who had the affair.  The next di rolled that they would stay together. This is the first dice roll that I get has affair. I was happy to see that they stay together. I am sure that Ethan suspects but sometimes its easier to keep the doubt at bay than to actually confront it.  He truly loves Noelle.  For now there is no wants for kids. Lets see if that changes in the future. 
Also in the first picture... I dont know about you but I am terrible at taking pictures of my sims in family portrait style. I have resorted to going to a lot and using the hack to make my desired sims appear. I did this portrait after I had played this household...therefore the kids are 5 when the pictures show toddlers..........ugh! I hope that is not too disconcerting. After all the main focus of this update was Noelle and Trevor.  

Trevor by the way will sail into the sunset unless another playable sim likes him.  He was not engaged or married to Noelle so he does not become a playable. Better luck next time Trevor!