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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ch 12- Asia Dominguez- Some things are best not planned.

Asia (46), Vincent (49), Naremi (18), Paul and Simon (8)
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Narrated by Asia
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Naremi to my dismay has decided not to go to college. I really tried to get her to go for me but she said she was not interested.  I am not going to lie that I am disapppointed but what else could I do?  So for now she is going to live at home until she saves enough to move out.
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Vincent has been working with the boys to work on their discipline.  It makes me sad when Vincent is tough on them but I know its for their own good. 
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With Naremi being 18 she thinks that she is all set to go out when she wants.  I told her to slow down a bit.  As of now she is dating a young man named Goopy Shankel.  I dont know what she sees in him but I am ready to offer my advice if asked.
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the tension in our family has been high with all the issues with Africa's financial future.  I can't believe that Africa is in the predicament that she is. Because of this I have decided to host a family dinner to try to get the family reunited. I hope that this is a step towards a new direction.
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Suki came but her husband, Toby decided not to come. We were all talking and I think Africa realizes that we are here to help her as much as we can.  I think we are finally headed to a good placed.
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In the midst of trying to get my family together, I found out that I was pregnant.  It was a total shock because we had stopped trying. We really didn't think that I would get pregnant.  Vincent is ecstatic about our news.
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It did not take long for my pregnancy to take it's toll. I was tired once I got to my second term. Poor Vincent tried to make sure that he was home early enough to help out around the house. As much as he tried there were days where he would still come home late.
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But when Vincent did come early it was great because he kept Paula nd Simon busy.  As of now he wants to teach them how to play the bass. I am not sure how dedicated the boys are to their new music lessons.
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Finally it was time for me to go to the hospital to give birth to the new addition to our family. Naremi made sure to have a few days off.  Vincent and I went and were surprised a few hours later to welcome not one but three new additions. No wonder I was always tired, I was pregnant with triplets. We named them Marilu, Barnett and Penelope.  I cant wait to get home and decorate their nursery. 

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  1. Wow on triplets, that would be horribly exhausting and uncomfortable. They really got themselves a large household now! Hope things work out for Naremi, dating a guy named Goopy... she can do better than that. ;) The family dinner was nice, it's always nice to see families come together to support one another.