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Monday, December 14, 2015

Ian Barillas- Ch. 13- Something in her personality

Ian (47)
last update
  photo 1_zps8c41hvh2.jpg
Allyn and I are still dating. It seems too much work to end the relationship. I did try a few times but everytime that I tried, she would convince me that we were fine. I mean the sex life was great but I need soemthing more.
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Sure we had great times. I would always think of her like a special girl in my life.  I think she knew that it was not going to work out. No matter how much she tried I just didn't feel the need to move the relationship further.
  photo 3_zps6lnpu5ga.jpg
WE slept together one last time before we called it quits. Before you go judging me ...she wanted to sleep together one last time. Who was I to deny her ?
  photo 5_zpswr9fw29s.jpg
My boys and little girl come to visit me whenever they get a chance.  August is still single but it seems that he is getting along with his ex and is allowed to have his kids with him as well.  I love seeing my grandhildren.  I am not goign to lie.  It seems odd to me that I am a grandfather. But I can at least say that I am a hot one!  For me the idea of haing more children is done.  Four kids for me is more than plenty.  Sayra is 16 now and she is about to hopefully go off to college.  Darcy is currently in college and does not come around as often.  I do not pester him because I am proud of him fighting his own demons and going to college. It is more than I n say for my other children. This is why I hope that Sayra goes to school.
 photo 6_zpsvhztoq7a.jpg
fFor now Sayra doesn't say anything to me. I talk to her mother once in a while and she tells me that Sayra is doing well.  I couldn't ask for anything more.
 photo 7_zpslqybcar7.jpg
The best is seeing my grandchildren cause havoc. I hae always been more of a free spirit when it came to raising my children. Their mom's were the disciplinarians when I was with them.  I think they did a great job.
 photo 8_zpsx7hohist.jpg
I met up with my brother Marcos at the local coffee bar.  His life is going great. He and his wife have toddle riplets and he takes every opportunity they can to get a break.  For now he was here with me to take a break but he had to leave soon after arriving.
 photo 9_zpsnwzgx2e0.jpg
I started dating a co worker of mine named Mackenzie.  We both were in agreement that this was just a hook up an no where near a relationship.  We both had a need and knew how to fulfill it.
  photo 10_zpsezlq6fd3.jpg
One night I went out to meet her and she stood me up.  My going out was not in vain because I met a young lady named Michelle Tse.  She is 28 and was not shocked when I told her I was 47.  She actually said that she loves older men because they do not get false hope of a relationship. I was intrigued by her attitude.
 photo 11_zpsq4codlna.jpg
I decided to ask her out a few more dates.  We clicked instantly.  We both had a great time hangin out. She actually took my money in a poker game we played. 
 photo 12_zpshgrzhk2f.jpg
I finally convinced her to come to my apartment for dinner.  She was worried that we were getting too serious but I told her we weren't. I made sure we both knew that this was casual.  This girl was a breath of fresh air!
  photo 13_zpsxqyrmc5o.jpg
I definitely was liking this girl a lot.
  photo 14_zpstnexwwyo.jpg
To our surprise, we had been dating for several months.  She asked if I would meet her friends and I told her why not.  They had a picnic and they seems like nice girls.  They right away asked me my age and I did not shy away from telling them. They seemed to take it well. However I did not care because I only cared about what Michelle and I thought about this.  This is one of my drawbacks of young women.  They care too much about their friend's opinions.
  photo 15_zpsiw3nr0zd.jpg
Not my Michelle.  When she saw that her friend was grilling me, she came over and put her friend in her place.

 photo 16_zpsz2cynqfr.jpg
We decided to date exclusively. It had been a while since we both had a serious relationship. However we both felt secure in our new relationship.
 photo 17_zpsv65miage.jpg
One night we were in bed and I asked her to move in with me.  She told me that she would love too.  It had been a while since I felt this happy.
 photo 18_zpscpfkrv7w.jpg
The next morning , Michele said she would go and get her clothes and other items to move in. 
 photo 4_zpshmgtt1s8.jpg

I got ready to go to work. Imagine my surprise when leaving my home, I saw all these red roses.For a mintue I was wondering who they were from.  I nervously grabbed a card and realized quickly that they were from Michelle. I smiled all the way to work.  Yes this girl is definitely a keeper.

author's note:
Ian is a love machine!  I get him to meet all these women and none of them peek his interest after a quickie. I mean come on IAN!  Finally Michele kind of peaked his interest. I wonder if he will ever roll a marriage want for anyone. 

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  1. Indeed, Ian is a love machine! Poor Allyn... honestly I kept waiting to hear she was pregnant. Maybe Michelle is the woman to get him to calm down, I'd be curious if he rolled a marriage want at all. Nice to see his kids coming by though, and his grandchildren. I wonder what they all think of his sleeping-around ways, or how they explain it to the grandkids.