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Friday, December 18, 2015

Marcos Barillas-Ch. 13- Time is passing too fast.

Marcos (47) his wife Renee (36)
their Children: Germelo and Anai (9), Brett, Jordan and Shoban (4)
Marcos children from 1st marriage: David, Eugenio, Pearla and Mateo (20)
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Narrated by Marcos.
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Renee has been working hard on finishing her master's degree. I know how hard it is because I too have struggled to finish mine. Last year when I completed mine, I told Renee that I wanted her to finish as well. With our five kids at home, it is almost impossible for her to find some time to study.Although it is hard Renee recommitted to finishing her degree sooner rather than later.
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This meant for her to be sound asleep by the time I got home from work.  Late night hours are starting to interfere with my home life.  I need to work on getting home earlier so that I can enjoy my family life.
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The triplets are turning five soon.  We have discussed about having a small party but Renee and I have not had time to sit down and actually plan it.  With my huge family there needs to be a lot of planning. I just can not send an email and say, "come on down". 
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I finally managed to talk to Renee on her way to work and while I was in the shower.  She told me she would wait outside since we both realized how ridiculous we looked trying to talk over the shower.
 photo 6_zpsbdkscwiz.jpg
As much as we would love a big party for our triplets, we decided against it.  We just do not have the time to focus on party planning right now.  I offered to have one of my sister-in-law's do it but she would not like that.  I took the opportunity to tell Renee I missed her and we needed some time for ourselves.  It was then she decided to call off sick from work.
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It felt great to make love with the children off to school. We did not have to worry about one of them coming into the room and asking us what we are doing. Renee told me  that she received a letter from school stating she as qualified to graduate.  I was so proud of her.  We both set out to get our master's degrees and had accomplished it.
 photo 8_zpsa56slwqw.jpg
We celebrated Brett, Jordan and Shoban's birthday with their favorite meal Mac and Cheese.  It was simple but just what we needed to reconnect.  We also told the children that Renee had finished school.  I could tell that Germelo and Anai were excited to have their mom back to normal.  I was also happy to have my wife back to normal as well.
We had invited my older children to join us but they all now have busy lives and sent their regrets.  I do not want my children to grow apart from each other but given that my older children are 20 it seems that they naturally will grow apart.

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Renee opted out of the graduation ceremony.  She also told me tat she was thinking of taking some time off of work. She had been noticing that she was missing on important mile stones when it came to the triplets. For her it seemed that their fifth birthday came so fast.  I understood and decided to support er deision.
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Renee had been nervous that I would not be supportive of her decision. How could I say no to her wanting to spend time with our children?  I will admit that I was worried how this would affect us financially. I would keep that to myself for now.  Who knows maybe Renee will want to go back to work sooner rather than later?
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The kids were ecstatic when she told them that she was staying home rather than working.  Shoban was happy that she would have more mommy time.  I was also going to work hard on getting home on time so that I too can spend more time at home. Amazing how time flies so fast and all of my children will soon be adults.

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  1. This seems like a typical family, working to make ends meet, but still trying to be accessible to the kids. It was nice that she called in sick, and they were able to reconnect. I like that she is taking time off of her career to be home with the kids, I can understand why they are excited.