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Monday, December 21, 2015

Asia Dominguez Ch. 13- A bird leaves the nest

Asia (48) her husband Vincent (52)
their children: Naremi,(20), Paul and Simon (10), Barett, Marilou and Penelope (1)
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Narrated by Naremi
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With the arrival of my new siblings, my parents decided that it was time to find a bigger place that would fit all of us.  My mom did not want to purchase a home just yet.  She wanted to make sure we all had a chance to go to college with some of her help.  I am still debating whether to go to college or not.
 photo 4_zpsmofci3yh.jpg
We finally found this awesome place. My little brother Paul and Simon were ecstatic to check out the new yard that came with our apartment. I was more interested to see how or sleeping arrangements would be. After all we were moving for more space. 
 photo 6_zpskivrgywi.jpg
My work as an intern is going well. My relationship with Goopy is going strong. One day we were cuddling and before I knew it, one thing led to another. It was the first time for the both of us.  We were not planning on going all the way but I could not stop myself let along Goopy.
 photo 7_zpsdztnb1yl.jpg
It was magical for both of us.  Sure it is my first time but I hope it will not be more than one time. Goopy was worried that we would be caught.  We rushed to get dressed and back to work.
 photo 8_zps3nfptsmv.jpg
My mom is back into getting working out. I decided to join her to see if we could talk about what happened with Goopy and I.  I just could not find the time for us to talk about it. I mean how in the world do I say to my mom.. "hey mom im no longer a virgin". I could not say. Maybe one other day I would find the correct time to tell her.
 photo 9_zps8dx8jqtj.jpg
Goopy has been getting crazy because I told him that I wanted to go away to school. He is naturally worried that our relationship will end.I am not worried about it because I know it will survive. I love Goopy with all of my heart. 
 photo 10_zpstpqixzlx.jpg
He finally agreed that college would be best for me.. for us. He also wanted to go to college but he didnt now how he would pay for it. I told him that we would find a way. He wanted to ask me something before I left for the day.
 photo 11_zpsnpilico4.jpg
He knelt in front of me ans asked me to marry him. I was surprised at the proposal.I also  knew that I would say yes. We would definitely make this work.
 photo 12_zpsncoasfpr.jpg
We were both excited to get started in this stage of our lives. At first I was scared that he wanted me to stay here but he told me no.  He wanted me to go to college and make sure to come back to him and to our love. I mean can it get any better?
 photo 14_zpsrcrhfukm.jpg
I told my mom and she was of course concerned. She was hopeful that I would not change my mind from changing about college.  I told her that we both decided that I would go to college and then I would help Goopy finish college. She was concerned but I think she realized that I was now 20 years old and pretty much could do what I wanted.  My mom and I did end up talking for a while and getting along.
 photo 13_zpsbfeqigp2.jpg
Goopy had amazed me because he went out with my step dad to ask his permission to get married. I love my step dad but he also was concerned. I never did expected my step-dad to actually approve but he did because he is a romantic at heart. For me all of the pieces were falling into place.
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I registered for school and  I could not believe I was actually doing this. I Naremi Dominguez was a college student. I was scared but my mom assured me that it would all work out.  Here I go off to college!

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  1. Glad that Naremi is headed to university, and that Goopy is coming along with her. They seem pretty happily in love, hopefully university goes as nicely as they hope it will!