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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ian Barillas Ch. 12- My digs, new Loves

Ian Barillas(45)
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Kids living at home: Darcy (17),  Sayra (14)
Narrated by Ian
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I needed to change apartments because I simply needed a change of scenary.  If you ask
Amarilis its because too many women know where I live. I would take offense to that but it part what she says is true.

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I am not one to think about  a place forever. I know pretty much if I am going to like a place on the spot.  I invited the boys over to take a look.  They still are currently living together.  Julius even asked if he could move in and of course I said no. I wish my boys would get their lives together.
 photo 8_zps919eaa4a.jpg
Living alone is nice but hey even I who has such a social life can get lonely.  What a better way to combat loneliness than with two pets.  Meet Hutch and Chinta.  I always wanted to have pets but couldn't until now.
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the first woman to see my apartment was Allyn Thompson.  She is pretty cool. I like her a lot but dont think that it will go too far.  She keeps thinking that we are meant to be.  Why do women always ruin a good thing by trying to figure out where we are going next.  Enjoy the moment!!!
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At work things are getting a little better. I am still the supervisor of the garage but now I am being groomed to take over a network of garages that we want to build in Viramontes and its suburbs.  Amarilis thinks its a great plan but for now I am just loving the potential salary bonus. 
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Allyn and I have gotten close.  This girl is sometimes more than I can handle. I made the mistake of telling her that I get bored if I am not kept interested.  Why is it that now this girl wants to dare me always to woohoo in public? I mean she makes me feel that I am getting too old for the public stuff. But hey I am game to try it.
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I decided to start a music hobby.  It wasnt my best plan but I needed something else to do. so here I am trying to learn how to strut my stuff and failing miserably.  I need to get a tutor for this and soon.
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I hired this tutor named Addison Murphy. She is currently in college with a major in Music.  I think she is brilliant when it comes to teaching me how to play.  She really did teach me a lot in our first lesson. 
I know that I shouldn't but the chemistry between us was on fire.  Allyn and I are not exclusive anyway.  Addison loves coming over and just getting it on after our lesson.  I love this but I know that I need to settle down? or do I? I mean this is what I like. 
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OK I did feel a little bad when Addison and I took it to the next level and I found out she was 20 years old. What is a twenty year old doing trying to seduce me?  I didnt feel that great about our age difference and she could tell.  She told me that men her age don't eve know what to do in bed unlike me. 
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OK so now what?  Either way I am happy to be here by myself. I like Addison but she is so young.  Allyn is good too but she is getting the ever deadly clingy stage.  I guess for now I will just see how things progress. 

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  1. Oh poor Ian, more girls than he can handle, whatever will he do? ;) Maybe he can tell Allyn to back up, and go slowly? I'm guessing she's all about family though, and will likely go into aspiration failure, which is pretty accurate to real life too. I'm glad he was skeeved out by being with a 20 year old!