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Friday, December 11, 2015

Briana Chalmers Ch. 14- Moving on to better things.

Brianna (47)
Her children: Taylor (19), Isaiah(17) and Samira (11)
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Narrated by: Briana
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I love sitting in my back yard soaking up the sun rays.  Nothing pleases me more than to be able to work out and sit back here and lounge after a grueling workout.  Lately however, I feel as if this house is way too big for us. Taylor is doing well in college and Isaiah spends more and more time with his boyfriend than at home.  Samira and I are the only ones home and this house needs too much care.  I have been thinking about selling for a while, but I did not want to get rid of the memories this place holds for all of us.
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I love having my family come over and visit.  Two of my brothers had decided to come over for breakfast to catch up.  All of us have been so busy that we have not had too much time to hang out. Marcos and Ian are closest to me and come over any time they get a chance. 
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I told them my idea of selling this house to see what type of feedback I would get.  Ian was all for it. He told me that he would even help me look for a place.  He himself has moved quite a lot and considers himself an expert.  The first thing he told me was to get rid of all my furniture and start off fresh.
Marcos on the other hand thought differently.  He thought I should stay here and get more equity before I deccide to sell the house.  Its a tough decision, but I decided to run it by the kids to see if they would be open to discussing it. 

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Isaiah had come home which lately is more like a miracle. He heard the idea from his uncle Ian and was all for it.  I think Isaiah needs to put his feet on the ground. Playing house with George is not the same as actually paying rent in the same home or in his case apartment.  Even though he was gun ho about it... I still had to see what Taylor would think.

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Taylor does not come home as much as I would like. I remember how it is in college so I try not to stress her too much about coming home.  I love seeing my baby girl growing up.  I am so proud of her and love the fact  that she loves college and is on track. 
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Over dinner we discussed the selling of the house and to my surprise she was for it.  She also agreed that the house was a little too big.  I think the only one that had a concern was Samira.  She was scared that she would not find new friends in our new neighborhood. In the end, we all decided we would just test the market and see if we happened to find a place.  There were no guarantees.
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So here we were the Chalmers family ready to get ready to live a new adventure.
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We looked all over the place. Viramontes is in the process of building various homes.  Samira was there with me because she insisted that she wanted a nice room.  I brought her with me when we found the house that fit all of our needs. 
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I made a bid and was approved.  We came back to be relish in the fact that this was now our home.  I needed to get new furniture but most of all needed to finish our walls.
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After we closed on our new home, we had to put our current home on sale.  The bank decided to pick it up while it was sold. I took my last swim in my swimming pool.  There were many memories here. I felt sad because  I was leaving my memories with Neal.  He would always be in my heart. I still miss him but it is definitely less. I miss him more for my children now more than me.
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It took a bit but I finished the home just the way I imagined it.  John was instrumental in helping me finishing this.  At first I was nervous to ask him for help.  Next thing I knew he and I were side by side putting up wallpaper and painting the kitchen/dining room.  We are closer than ever. He is another reason that I felt strong enough to leave my former house. 
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John feels more comfortable sleeping over.  He never did like sleeping over in my other house. I think that he  feels like here we can make our own memories. I dont blame him. If the situation were the other way around, I am sure that I would feel uncomfortable as well.
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In the morning, it feels great to see him laying in my bed.  He did tell me that he gets nervous that Samira will see  im and wonder if he had slept over.  Little did he know that I already talked to Samira and she knoews that John and I are serious. 

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One day I came home and John was there talking to Samira. She could hardly stop smiling. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes and ran to her room.

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John asked me to go to dinner with him that night. Isaiah was home and he would take care of Samira while we were out. I was game because I didn't want to cook tonight.
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We went to Adam's restaurant.  It was nice to be in the place where we had our first date over a two years ago.  John was happy and he asked me if I was happy with him.  I could honestly answer that I was so happy with her.
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Before I knew it, John placed a box on the table and asked me to marry him.  I said, "Yes". I was so happy that we were taking the next stage in our relationship.
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We got home and Samira was waiting for us. She hugged me and told me that John had asked her earlier if he could have my hand in marriage.  To my surprise he had reached out to all my children.
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I asked my baby if she was truly happy.  She told me that she was.  For me this meant the world. As a mom, I always feared getting remarried and my children not liking my selection for my life partner.
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We called Taylor and told her . She was so excited and happy for us.
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Isaiah had run to work but he squeezed me tight before he left.  John and I are looking forward to a great life together.  I had worried at first about him wanting children but he told me that he was fine the way we were. He did not want children of his own. Here's to my impending marriage!

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  1. Aww what a great update! I love that John spoke with Samira about it first, and that she understands that college is demanding for Taylor and to not pressure her about coming home. John seems like a stand up guy, and its always hard for me to not have sims have new babies with new spouses... mostly for genetics! But I really love that he's okay with just raising hers, though Isaiah is nearly grown and Taylor out of the nest.